Positive Affirmations VS. Commiting to Truth

images-31The difference between making a Commitment within the illusion and “positive affirmations’ is they are diametrically opposed. The nature of positive thinking lives within the illusion. So the verbal “good intention for the future” that occurs in positive thinking is doomed to become dismantled within the illusion. It usually exists in time and it is always attempting to change something in the illusion.

Thinking yourself thin would be a positive for one that looked at themselves from the judgment, ‘over weight” or “unhealthy weight”. If positive thinking worked, we would all be very different (without making too much of a judgment call). Five pounds off, healthier, whatever the good intention, it still lives as a judgment. It is not a true Commitment.

The video may even take five pounds off … it is still the belief in the illusion. The stronger the belief in the illusion (Adkin’s works, carbs are the problem, ect) , the weight will appear to fluctuate. The visual will shift according to the strength of belief. When the mind shifts to Mind, the body truly becomes a vehicle. There is NO judgment of the form. There can be NO belief in anything except the Commitment.

Within the illusion, positive thinking provides us with a way to sugar coat our suffering. Within a true Commitment, the suffering disappears. We cannot exist in two worlds at the same time. You Cannot see suffering in any form and God at the same time. Impossible.

images-77So the difference in the Course is that Commitment comes from Mind. I am committed to Peace…. I am committed to Love…I am committed to God’s Mind… I am committed to seeing myself as One. From this level of Commitment the world lines up differently. There is no need to edit the video (positive affirmations). We see that we would much rather be playing outside anyway. It is too beautiful a day to be inside watching a video! And an old video at that…xoxoxox

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