Holy Foreclosure

yZpwTsLld7BriQw4DCD8DcIhGa8ybFPBp16ZxTmwhvqxN4aeFcoYHOHlVGlMQTrgaX8jhA=s140“The more certain I am of my holiness, the more certain I am of yours”, and as I See Your Holiness, I am Seeing Mine… I am so getting how my access is through my Mighty Companions, You. 

I am incapable of Seeing anything but my projections…. and as I Truly See You and Learn from my projections I place on you, I SEE Me in your Loving Projection. That is the only way I can access Love for Me!!!

My best thinking in the illusion, got me to isolate on the mountain… Here is an example of my circular thinking.  “I behave badly because I don’t think much of myself, then I use the bad behavior to prove that I wasn’t worth much”. Some of my most painful memories are within this Loop. So my solution, Move to the Mountain. Somehow without you reflecting the pain I was experiencing, I could cope.

Years of ‘chain saw therapy’ and isolation with animals included as much joy ,as can be mustered, in the illusion. And that was not where I was to Be. I could see my insane thinking… and yet… I was ‘happy’, sort of… so why rock the boat…. because I do ‘believe’, I had a vestigial desire to See that never left after my apparent separation from God. Accepting the ‘foreclosure of the mountain home’, as the ‘Gift’ it was, allowed this process to unfold as it needed to… I was asking myself to come back into Life, come back to God, meet up with my Mighty Companions, and See the Love Projection that I Am!!! Open My Eyes and Poof, there You All Are… Reflecting the Love that I am Now able to Accept that I Am. WOW And all it took was me ‘forgiving a foreclosure’…

Now I can See the insanity of my thinking this all up…. this does not negate the incredible amounts of illusionary Joy I received from living on the Mountain… and what took me there was ‘crazy thinking’…. and My commitment is to root out all of my crazy thinking… So I created a foreclosure… My circular thinking is now always leading me back to God.  Now… about Syria…..? xoxoxoxoxoxoxcalicoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo