Witness to Love

images-15At an ACIM retreat with Nouk Sanchez, we witnessed ‘a shock’ in the illusion that created an opportunity… and it had nothing to do with the ‘shocking episode’.  It occurred in the illusion as somebody having a big health drama.  Our opportunity was that it occurred during A Course in Miracles retreat.  “Man strokes out on floor”.  Agreement, ‘within the illusion’, that it is a big deal.  The opportunity… To See this as God Sees it…

Any time we are shocked by our reality… we have a quick opportunity to see things differently.  Ego becomes shaken off center during times of physical ‘Shock’… for a moment, The Door to Heaven is Wide Open, the body is suspended in time.  With the immediate response to a ‘shocking experience’, our beLIEf system becomes scrambled just for a second… enough time to restructure differently.  This restructuring will occur, as long as you stay out of any ‘judgment’.  There is a moment of “vulnerability” in the ego system.  Enough time for God’s Mind to enter.  ANY beLIEf in the illusion, prevents us from hearing God.  And there has to be a commitment to something different than ‘reporting drama’.  I Choose to See this differently.  Or I choose Peace.  If no commitment is made, the ego regains control very quickly and we become part of the drama.

When we can choose Love, the truth of God is reestablished.  Moment of shock, I am either in Love or I need to clear myself for creating drama in my life!  I still hear Nouk’s voice during the retreat.  Paramedics, drama and Nouk’s Voice (actually God’s Voice), “Use God’s Mind…Stay with God’s Mind”.

If I continue to want to engage with the illusion as my small egoic mind, I just create more drama, more obstacles to Loves presence and then I need to clear myself More….instead… I breath (in the illusion), I Pause for God.  Forgiving my self for thinking this ‘drama’ up and KNOWING, God is Only Love.  NONE of this story can exist.  Stop creating it!

images-13Thinking of all the “big dramas”,  ‘physical trauma’, ‘natural disaters’,  all give us moments of shock… there is an endless list of ‘what to do’s’, in the illusion during times of shock… usually, not including… “Are You Seeing this as God Sees it”.

However, A Healed Mind reflects a Healed body.  Drama can never occur in God’s Mind.  ‘Health concerns’ can NEVER occur in God’s Mind.  End of cancer, strokes and headaches.    I cannot contain God’s Mind and my small egoic thinking at the same time… I cannot Serve two masters…

So this lesson of ‘seeing drama’, had very little to do with the guy on the floor having the apparent heart episode.  The most important thing is…. Did we experience the illusion from small mind or God’s Mind.  During illusionary burps like a man stroking out on floor… if using my God Mind, illusion is impossible…”You have cancer”, if using Mind, cancer is impossible!!  I cannot exist in the world of Gods Love and “cancer or stroke” at the same time.   I choose to hold Love, in thought, at All times.

And as this flow of Love grows, I am at ‘Cause” for Love… I am at ‘Cause’ for God… It permeates all and just is!  Resurrection occurs immediately!

And it had NOTHING to do with the guy apparently stoking out on the floor!

Love You!

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