Skunk Awakening

images-6What a day!  So the dogs got hit with a skunk at about 2 am… and were so distressed, they wanted to be with me… So I saw the skunk as my ego.  I was dry heaving with the smell… and I sat with “there is nothing wrong here”, fell asleep with the dogs.  Woke at 8am, called a friend to help me manage my dogs and it has been handled.  I have been doing work at the computer all day with wafting hints of skunk coming at me.  I took all the bedding outside…  You can only ‘do’ so much.  So each time the smell hits me… I just say no to ego.  What started off as dry heaves is now just nothing but a minor annoyance and gift to remind me… ego doesn’t sleep!  Thank you!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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