In the Moment

images-2A lot of conversation about the illusion of time in my world today…  Einstein passed never having answered the question… “What is time?”.. It does appear to tie the whole worldly illusion together.

So this moment is the only one I need concern myself with.  The past and present are all story and that just takes me further from my God Mind.   The past and future exist in time.  Time is the ultimate illusion.  God Mind Lives right now…. (Echart Tolle is smiling somewhere!), so the Key to staying Happy lives in my thought right now…. I can choose to see conflict and danger.  At this point I still avoid ‘news’ as it does trigger previous belief systems and that does not appear to serve me.  I do make a conscious choice to not be around angry people, particularly crowds, again, just some choices that I have set up as my comfort zone, while I practice holding My God Mind.  I only engage in activities that I want to… Seems so obvious, and as I say it, I laugh!  Don’t ask for what you do not want!  Again I am laughing!  So the adventure continues and I get to be Born again anytime I choose to see me, calico, as the Innocent, Peaceful, Child of God that I Am.  And this happens Now… Time is so not involved in this choice! 



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