Alchemy… that is how it is occurring over here… taking negative thinking and transforming it into Gold.  I am occurring as an alchemist… The more negative thought I can atone for, the Richer I Become… it is mine to Transform into Miracles (Gold).  So I go looking for Negative thoughts… The more I find and transform through accepting the atonement, clearing my thinking,  the Richer I become.  As One Heals, We All Heal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank You All!!!  Much Love!!

 Falling in Love with My Life… ALL OF IT… and if there are things I don’t want…. See it differently…Get grateful for ALL OF IT!!!  If you don’t, your life will look like the movie Groundhog Day… (I know people loved this movie… I hated the ‘concept’ (way to close to home), it was painful for me to watch once!)…If there are things in the illusion I am not liking, it is Mine.  If I want it to look differently, then it is mine to accept the atonement on… to take on and change my mind about how I ‘feel’ about it. 

 Reminds me of my recent experience with the ‘foreclosure’.  I did not like the way it looked.  I wanted to See it differently.  I kept looping around in a painful illusion.  I would release for moments of time and then get looped into the pain again… Then Revalation was given to me… not sure how else to better describe it… There was a moment I was able to choose Seeing From God’s Eyes.  I was holding the thought in my mind, “They are steeling my home!”.  That was the filter I kept coming back to that would cause me sooooooooooo much pain.  In a moment, it literally was a breath, I saw the Truth.  What was happening?  That was the question that came from God and I Saw it as God… My response… “I am moving out of a house”.  THAT IS ALL THAT WAS HAPPENING… the rest was STORY!… And Boy did I have Agreement for the STORY!…So getting Clear on what was happening without any story…. I am moving out of a house… and the feeling ( no words really here)  I was enfolded in was that I was moving Closer to God… and More would be revealed IN LIGHT!  And I became… excited about moving into a new WORLD… There is much in Hind  Sight that also allows me to Be Grateful for All of it!  For another time… Thank You All…. This venue so Serves My Process Right Now ( I keep seeing Eckhart Tolles face smiling at different times during the day!!  Quite fun!)  So perhaps I might re watch Ground Hog Day… Wonder if it would now Occur differently!  Love to ALL!…xoxoxoxoxoxoxox




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