Automatic Default

As I was reading todays lesson and looking at “What is my automatic default?”… Where do I go emotionally most often… particularly when my illusion shows me chaos…. So I had a trip down memory lane this morning…. My default was for a Very Long Time…. Most of my Life was based on, “I am Bad and Wrong”. This can also be read for my fellow catholics, “I am a sinner”. According to certain beliefs, you are born a sinner… not really sure how that works, and the catholics are among them. Then layers of beliefs to support this idea… (and do not forget to laugh here, I Know I will): Conspiracy Theories are True, There really is a “They are”out there to get me and then “they are” coming for you (so You had better be very scared too!!!), (fill in the blank) Political Party is Bad, (fill in the blank) Politician is Evil (or doesn’t have a birth certificate!! Laughing Really A lot Right Now)… GEEZ, you can see the theme… I Believed a lot and very Loudly at times. Handed out 800 DVDs of a movie about conspiracy and 9-11….. at the Santa Fe “Fiesta” Parade… I was one committed individual and such fun to be around!!!…

This particular default would eventually be shortened to “I am so f—ked!” And with this particular belief firmly held in place, I was handcuffed and taken to be “Psychologically Evaluated” by the best our local hospital could provide. AND if you are still not laughing…. I created 8 (young and good looking, I will give myself this) men with AK 47’s to get me to the Hospital. So I KNOW of this default, of which I speak and Laugh!!

Now with that out of the way and I can rest my cheeks (facial, others are way too rested)…. My default today…

What is my default today…. G R A C E …

I just breath that in a second… I am Profound… I created and generated a psychotic mind. From All of That, I am now so Grateful. I allowed myself to amuse me. I Now Stand in Grace… Yes. And I will Own This For Myself… Knowing that as I Own this for Me, You Own it as Well. You Being Beside Me! You Being Me. Breath in Grace with Me. Thank you all for Being with Me on this Wild Ride Called Life. It is fun and funny when I Allow it to Be. Love All…xoxoxoxoxo

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