Be the Change You Want to See

164254_489980811098874_1836230710_nBe the Change you want to See in the World…. And Let go of How It Looks…. I am just Grateful to hang out with my Thoughts today… Love is the expression that most makes me Happy… It spawns humor, joy and Peace… I am so happy to be Me!

So ‘attracting’ is not necessary. It is more of an ‘uncovering’ of what is already Mine…. I just forgot… I am Love, Joy and Peace… No Need to attract it… I will just reflect it…

I had a lesson yesterday. It was so minor I may have missed it… But I have been open lately and much of what used to go by me is now ‘highlighted’. I was in traffic, bumper to bumper… Indian Market in Santa Fe… Our 70,000 community swells to over 250,000. So Bumper to Bumper does not happen all that often… I was thinking of “how Lucky I was to only have to deal with this a few times a year…. Thinking of the people I know that commute to work and have daily drives like this… I was smiling with a big shit ass grin on my face… I mean… BIG.. I was sending love to my commuter friends and I looked over at the car next to me… there was a child with her face pressed up against the window… the driver… perhaps her mom… Looked Like you would expect a ‘busy mom in traffic’ to look like… not real happy… and I got… I am creating her as well as thinking of my commuter friends… so I started sending her love… and the child started smiling and giggling and waving… I was focusing on the Mom and the Child responded… I do not even know where my Love is going when I am intentional on sending it…. It is received by all!!! The child got it!!! Who receives what I send is none of my business!! My business is to Send Love… It will be received by some body, Always received by Me!!! Thank you ALL…for my reminder today… Just Love!!!!

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