Tough LOVE

My Porch View…Yesterday, I went to lunch with a dear friend… ‘Janice’. Janice has been a single Mom, for the most part. She raised her son with a very part time father. I remember her son coming into the office and he would ‘chat’ with me, while I was adjusting Janice. He was a pure and innocent beautiful baby boy of 6 or 7 in my memory. So when she shared her heartbreak to me (Again), I saw My Projection. WOW, what a great perspective to get.

I have been following Janice and her son for 30 years. I have been witness to the heartbreak and shared in it. Her son’s story includes a lot of Drama, including quite a bit of heroin, an infant son, and the legal system. The Drama was not New to My Story. Different Stories yet Very Much the Same!!! So there was an acceptance ‘from afar’, yet it would break my heart regularly.

This morning I woke to tears… again the tears were different… tears of being Moved and truly allowing the Gift of my projection of Janice and her son…because it is My Projection. My Fear to Clear… Where am I allowing my Self to Join with Janice’s suffering. Let alone make her son’s situation real…

There are no Coincidences only One Mind… and I have been writing about a Healing in the World of alcohol, addiction and fathers, this past week. So having this conversation with Janice allowed me to take my state of forgiveness and love for an alcoholic father even deeper. Those posts will be coming.

Again, my life is acim… I actually gave Janice my copy of ACIM, a couple of months ago. We share from the principles of ACIM. So our Lunch was about another story of her son. I heard My Self (God) AND my self (ego) listening to this story again… The difference… Her ex husband, the boy’s father called the police on him, and the now 21 year old son is looking at federal time. When she shared, I heard the ex-husband’s Amazing Love for his son. It was a completely different perspective.

So Janice and I started a conversation from, there is Nothing to do here and Allow me to See Everything Differently. I really get her son is still that pure and innocent beautiful baby boy of 6 or 7… Janice’s husband is Showing More Love than either Janice or I have by being complicit in looking into Rehab’s, different training programs, healers, counselors, nutritional programs, AA, Alanon, You Name it… Janice and I have followed many threads over the years of our Friendship… We wanted a Healing to occur. And at Lunch yesterday, We got it…

We both got it at our lunch. She on the level of a ‘Mother’, Me on the level of a ‘Healer’. All that was for me to do… was to share with Janice honestly, Love Allof Us, and make myself available to OUR Healing. I told her to call me when she felt like falling into a ‘I am my son’s, Mother’ thought system. She has called since our lunch and we do quick Clearings… I get, I could not do this without Janice. The Clearing occurs with each of us holding a reasonable thought (there is nothing wrong here) and not falling into a delusional ‘fixing’ belief system.

In ACIM, there is some passage of “As one Heals, We All Heal”… and what I was participating in… As Two Minds Join In Healing… This Process actually “Fluffs Up”… it is an exponential Healing beyond the Healing of just my mind. I Saw the Speed of All HEALED ! So I Join All in this Perfect Day!

And as I get ready for ‘my’ Perfect Day, I Love to say, More will be Revealed xoxoxoxox


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