A 2014 Clearing


As the New Year approaches, I am looking at how to best spend my thinking.   I play with astrology in the illusion.  And this years January 1s, 2014, appears to coincide with some large planetary alignments.  There is some squaring and conjuncting going on with Mercury and Pluto… I was just surprised that Saturn wasn’t thrown in for good measure.  An astrology cocktail of ‘background’ energies that flavor our lives.

Now many posts about this particular scenario this year are involved with apparent “complications’.  There is much being expressed around communication ‘difficulties’, challenges, arguments…. Interesting how My perspective has changed.  I am starting this new year Looking forward to all that I project.   If something less or more than neutral should show up in my video… My Opportunity.  Just a clearing for My slate.

I am starting this year off with a 40 Day Commitment to God.  I will be going inside often and may not be presenting as much on line.

This is Not a Hallmark card, when I say, I start my New Year with a Commitment for New Life… I Commit to a World Celebrating Truth.  A Party of Global voices that carries with it the News of a New Way of Thinking.  I Join in a Commitment to God.  I Join and Become One with God this Year.  All that I project will offer me fertile soil to Plant a New Understanding of What My Thoughts have to Hold… Love, Just Love!  An expression of Love in All I do and Say… LOVE… I Join With You All!!!   Happy Now, New Eternal!!!!