Holding World Chaos in Love


Recently there was a typhoon in the Philippines.  I have heard many questions from Course students, of how to hold this event within Course principles.  What occurred in the Philippines was a “projected group delusion (fear)”.  This can occur when the group ‘clearing’ is not keeping up with the group ‘delusion’.  We are All responsible in that we are either Choosing God and a loving way to Hold Everything, or we are choosing and thereby spreading chaos.

I reflect back to my stay in Africa in a Sudanese Refugee Camp.  Not a Course student at the time, Chaos was a polite term for what I saw and my interpretation.   75,000 African refugees, 25 relief workers, bad water, bad tempers, bad sewage… Chaos.  And what I was not conscious of then as I am now… My Fear, Anger, Madness created All of the chaos I saw.  The situation drew many ‘do gooders’ like me.  I wanted to be of service and because of the way I held the situation as “bad and wrong”, I unconsciously added to the delusional energy.  I dumped much anger and frustration on an area that needed no further anger and frustration.  I actually periodically referred to myself as the “relief worker from Hell”.  I so laugh at this now!!!!!

What occurred as I walked the camp on a regular basis was to identify ‘icky health issues’,  The one hospital held about 100… children sleeping four to a bed… adults two.   Only the worst of the worst made it to the hospital.  Walking the camp allowed me to See individuals.  As I started meeting Friends; the ‘chaos’ started to clear.   There were those that were suffering and I now See, that these individuals were suffering prior to becoming refugees.  And then there were the Others…

God’s Light was very present in individuals!!!  They were beacons in the Camp… The God Light in certain individuals was Bright.   Refugees ‘volunteering’ in the TB tents, the hospital, distributing supplies, digging graves.   So I Saw Individuals Rise… As Cream to the Surface.  Hearts as big as Life itself.  Managing the chaos without getting consumed by it.

We in other cultures have our own versions of this.  Sickness, Loss, Insanity.. we create our own ‘typhoons”… that is where my Real Work is.  Am I succumbing to any projected fear and adding more fear or am I ‘embodying’ it and making the corrections in thinking that I am needing to make.  Do I See suffering… or do I See the Cream.  If I focus my energy on the rising God Lights, We Spread God Light.  If I can only see suffering… I am trapped … I am believing that chaos can occur.  And how I respond to it says Everything about my Internal State.

The Opportunity…. To allow me to Hold this differently… That is the Miracle.

So I take this thinking into the world, if I perceive suffering in the form of:  children living in squalor…. dying from hunger…abuse in any form…typhoon destruction, (again, fill in your hook of the moment)…if something occurs in my immediate field of vision or thought… I need to ask…can I do anything to assist…if not, then walk away… and I must walk away without making ANYTHING WRONG.  And if I choose to assist… it needs to come from… there is nothing wrong… Money sent is energy to support Love…if I sent money to fix something…I am dead in the water!!!

If I do walk away or assist while making something wrong… it will come back around to give me another opportunity to deal with it… I will project another story line that will bring it back around for me to See it better…. Who knows, I might even unconsciously participate in another Group Delusion.

If I accept the atonement for whatever I see and judge… I will be allowed to See it in a different light!!  Nouk Sanchez has written the Clearest piece on this process of accepting the atonement and forgiveness.   Her link for this process is http://undoing-the-ego.org/noukblog/?p=231

Who am I to say what an abusive situation might allow for…”I”, definitely accessed God through adversity… Whatever circumstances I find my self in, my only task is to stay Neutral and See God.    Without an alcoholic father, my path up the mountain would never have taken off…I might have still been mucking about, at best, in silent “make wrong” and physical isolation (with periodic rage attacks).  I gifted my self my Dad… It was enough dysfunction to ‘spur’ me to want to do it differently… and so much More…

So I caution all… News Reporting will want to keep you Hooked into the Trauma/Drama of the event.  Do Not Go THERE.   Send Love… Keep Your Thoughts under control by Sending Only Love.  If you are ‘moved’ to do more… Great.  And just be careful you are not attempting to fix something. You may want to Clear yourself before writing the check!  Remember… they have enough to manage without your adding trauma thoughts to the mix…

Ending World Hunger has nothing to do with food!  The view from this porch just keeps getting More Lovely!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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