The Final Episode of Awakening Through Forclosure (4)

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There was one episode that occurred out of this chaos that I will write about separately.   It is called “Shootout at the Laughing Palomino”.  It is what I see as a perfect made for TV Movie ACIM script and it’s a thriller!!!!.  And that will have to wait as it was a rather lengthy tale!  It was pivitol in ‘Changing My mind’ and it involved AK47’s and tazors.  The windows and door shown behind me play a key role in that blog…Just wanted to keep you kids on the ends of your seats… You already know the ‘ending’…and the ‘undoing of belief systems’ can be very entertaining!

After having resolved the issue of Wanting Peace more than I wanted a house… I dismantled my family.  I found ‘great homes’ for my animal family, had a huge ‘Give Away” party for the rest of the ‘stuff’.   I invited my friends, had a big potluck, had ‘the kids Marimba band’ played (in Santa Fe very well known group called Ande… always referred to as the Kid’s Marimba band… and they are now reaching their 30’s).  We had a potluck upstairs in my home, while I had put Everything I was to not take with me, down in the barn.  I set up long tables with all the baubles of a life.  I was so aware, that where I was going, none of the baubles would be helpful or desired.

The Party was an amazing Celebration for Me.  I understand that those that were in attendance had a great time as well.  I did not go downstairs to the ‘staging area for Clearing”.  I had a couple of friends handle the ‘give away’.  Everything had to go… so with harness, cart, saddles, stained glass studio, clothes, kitchen and garden equipment, furniture, art, icons…. All to go to New Homes.  My desire was to become Clear.  And I was CLEAR that it included removing many of my toys (former distractions).

A funny side note… and there are many… I was insane about Christmas… Lights, decorations, and do dads.  I understand that my Friends ‘handling the give away’ were requiring any body taking something, had to also find something Christmas to take as well…. They supposedly were like ‘give away nazi’s’…forcing Christmas stuff on ALL.  I must say I miss none of it… Actually… My tool box was given away… I left it in the barn by accident…lololol… it went along with a few more Christmas ornaments… And when I realized that I had no hammer, a friend, had an extra and gave me one.   I need no thing.

The Move from the Laughing Palomino was Magical and so very Easy.  I had an office in town for 20 years… I just Moved in.  Actually, Friends and patients Showed Up and Moved me in sooooo many ways!!!!!!!  And the Peace that came with the decision to ‘stop fighting’ was like a drink of cool water in desert heat.  There were other issues to Clear (cancer and no income), however the ‘structure of thinking’ that I laid down during this foreclosure was a ‘groundbreaking Foundational Structure of Thinking Through God’s Mind”.   It has served me very well in All areas of my video.

Closing on the “sale’ was a bit bumpy.  I got so angry while signing the ‘new official document that is “now legally binding’”, I actually tore the paper writing, ‘fuck you bank’ after my “official signature”… so I am far from perfect and my forgiveness came quickly as I Cleared!!  The woman that handled the ‘sale, actually presented me with a cake after I tore the ‘official document’… A Sweet Chocolate cake with “Fuck You “big bank’ (name withheld to protect the innocent…. All of them…lololol)”.

So for now, this Forgiveness opportunity is Closed.  I have so much gratitude to My Self for removing the veils that kept me crazy.  Thank you to All who have Stood beside me and those that did not… Given my level of insanity, I Bailed on My Self… Then I Chose Again…

So the New Beginning starts off in Town with two dog companions and a Whole New Way of Looking at Everything!!! Whooo Hooo, on to New Adventures, With God!!!!  …

Much Love to All of US !!  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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    • ‘we’ can ‘dream’ up some good stuff with ego… and ‘letting’ this ‘special relationship’ go… was necessary for Me to Shine Through!!! Just ‘my script’… lol… Big Hug Theresa!!!!


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