Horizantal vs Vertical Thinking

998558_489583234471965_861333353_n“The Miracle is a learning device which lessons the need for time. This sudden shift from horizontal to vertical perception, which the miracle entails, introduces an interval from which the doer and receiver both emerge further along in time than they would otherwise have been. Miracles abolish time.  A miracle is a moment of Rest and Trusting God.  A Moment of Giving Up an idea.”  acim

There are Only two ways of thinking.  One way is to See God.  This is a vertical path if we choose it.  The other way is our egoic mind and this is a Horizantal  way of thinking.

Within  the Horizantal thinking world,  we live in the illusion we live in.  It is only made up of different energies.  These energies vibrate at different levels. 

In Lisa Natoli’s 40 Commitment to God Series, she spoke about David Hawkins book, Power vs. Force which lists the frequency levels of emotions/feelings from 1-1000, with 1 being the absolute bottom and 1000 being full-blown enlightenment.

Here are the energy calibrations according to David Hawkins:

20 Shame/guilt, 100 Fear,
125 Anger,
175 Neutrality,
310 Willingness,
350 Acceptance,
400 Love,
600 Peace,
700-1000 Enlightenment

Given there is no Hierarchy of Illusions. These numbers are meaningless.  And it is a wonderful visual on where I am at on ACIM path.  I used to aspire to being Neutral… and that was after a lifetime of shame/guilt and anger.  I now am catching glimpses of a life of Peace.  Whooo Hoool 

A miracle is a shift in perception. It is not about getting, fixing or solving anything. No healing, No money, No love, No toaster…The Miracles that are referred to in ACIM never involve winning the lottery…  That is ALL horizontal thinking.

-cfG-VWuwUvlR547dSx7HLosY6TOVh2d_4pI645-LiGYzVzTKDb0ZBk-BW8aEHcaMfZ6=s85I worked with my Soul Friend, Kit Wilkins for many years, and he helped me see that the illusion is just made up of energy.  Within these different energy fields, you find: Psychic phenomenon, extraterrestials, past lives, karma, fairies, and a myriad of other energy illusions.  Some call them parallel universes.  It is only energy and we perceive based on our commitment.  I am committed to Peace, so… energies that are too low…I ignore.  I now look for higher energy playmates and playgrounds.

This best analogy to this I can come up with is, Dogs hear at a different frequency than we do.  The frequencies exist, I just don’t connect with them as dogs do.  The same is true for this illusion.

As I ‘learn’ to ‘think’ differently, I am creating my greater ability to sense other levels of frequency.  So, going back to David Hawkins’ scale.  If I am operating out of a level 30 (anger)… I have no access to any other frequencies.  As I retrain my self to think differently, I slowly climb this scale.

I like to think of this; as I change my mind, I have access to things, I never knew existed.  WOW… there is an amazing plot line for a scifi flick here.  17623_489995107764111_1904987885_nSo Vertical Thinking moves us up the frequency scale.  And we do this in a Moment.  Time is not needed.  Once we can access one moment at a higher vibration, we can put two or three moments together… before we know it… we are Thinking About Everything Differently and we are ‘Hearing’ and ‘Seeing’ things that we never Knew existed.

So the sound bite to remember here….(damn, I am getting so f-cking techie), I just need to remember God in One thought.  One Thought will start to merge in to One Mind!!! 

I Join You In Vertical Thinking!!! xoxoxoxoxox


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