To Russia With Love

stock-photo-small-clubhouse-fitness-center-50679511 During one of the Many Miracles Flying Around over here…. I moved into my office after the ‘foreclosure on the house’… and my New next door neighbor is a friend, Frank Baca.  He owns the gym next door, Bulldog Gym.  He is a locally grown boy, and I have been here for 30 years… So we have known each other in different circles over the years. (This will be heading back to Billie Jean very soon….)

He heard from my ‘former’ dance instructor, Lawrence Black of Dance Station in Santa Fe, that I was ‘wanting to work out’ after my 50 foot walk in the mountains…(See Line in the Sand).

So Frank called and gave me a key to the gym… telling me to go and work out when ever I wanted!!! So I have been… We are almost back to BJK… Well almost… can’t keep an Irish Womon from a Good Story with a Beautiful Lesson…

In the early 70’s, I became of age (late teens/early twentys).  At the time, I was doing fund raisers with several woman in Phoenix, Arizona.  We were doing a big event with the newly established, ‘Phoenix Rackets”.  The Pro tennis team in Phoenix.

images-20 During this time, Billie Jean King, ‘straight’ girl tennis pro was playing Bobby Riggs… it was a major pop culture event of the time.  Men VS Women… lololol some things never change..

Anyway… I am one of probably many,  that have been in a locker room with Billie Jean King!!!! Heart, Heart, Heart… But I still feel a young girl’s silliness when I think of what she meant to me at the time.  In fact before I have to completely retitle this blog… I have a Photo on 12-22-13 at 8.55 AMPhoenix Rackets ticket stub with Billy Jean King’s signature on it… Go figure… Gave everything away… and what do I find.. this little piece of memorabilia.. For a price this could be yours…email me…

So on to the Blog… this morning I was on the treadmill (see how this ties back to the gym…), at 5:30 am… quiet… the way I like it… XCPT… the TV was left on…

About 20 years ago, I gave up my TV… found it disturbing at best and decided there had to be another way…. So when I come in to the gym, there is a HUGE, GINORMOUS TV right in front of the treadmill… well in front of all equipment.  And the News was on.

So given I am only getting on the treadmill with God… What the hell…. “God, What Miracles would you have me perform today…?”  Here is one now…. “Change Your Mind about TV’s and News”…. Wow… 5:30 in the morning… Lessons never sleep…

So as I was ‘dancing’ down the treadmill path… I would occasionally look up…And What do you think I saw… News… OK… watching with God… Go for it… “Obama will not go to the Russian Olympics”.  And then all the drama, wow…’not nice Obama stuff’.  TV news is incapable of telling a story without drama…

Then they say who is going.  Boitano and Billie Jean King… My interest is peaked.  My Girl!!!  Interesting… Then I see Russia has not been kind in some law making about gay Russian citizens, lately. WOW, I knew Billie when we in the US were playing those bully games.  She was not out in the media at that time.

So from ACIM perspective… Russia is getting what some may call instant karma… I call it a Beautiful Lesson for us All to Get!!!

So, since giving up Political Conspiracies… I don’t meddle here often…. I gave up TV, News, and Politicians (republican, democrats, independants, aliens!) a long time ago.  I don’t speak ill of them… I don’t celebrate them. 

So watching this News program… I am thinking as the program is droning on and on and on about the plight of gays in the world OMG… BREATH…

images-21I am thinking to myself… a wink to Obama.  I hope he never opens his mouth about any of this…this will just be worked out…Stop with the rest…

Send prominent gays to one of the biggest parties the world holds, in a country that wants to be unkind to those same people.  These US representatives will hopefully offer Light.  I join with them that they speak through God only.   They will speak Truth and Kindness… Billie was a bit of a ‘dragon’ in her day…. I tend to think we both have ‘mellowed’ out.

So the real Point of this Blog…. To All My Brothers and Sisters… I spent 20 years with women in ‘special’ relationships… then 20 years with men in ‘special’ relationships. They really is no difference.  All the issues were Mine only…Again…very simple solution… me.

And alas, for me, the Only relationship I really wanted is the One I Am currently in… with God.  So World… Stop the sillieness over form…Stop…

If all we can tolerate at this point is to ignore… then… perhaps that is the better way until We all get this sorted out.

Now what I ask of all my brothers and sisters, gay or straight…drop your labels and come into One Mind… “Being gay” will keep you ‘separate’, while ‘being straight’ will keep you ‘better’.  Neither One is where I want to Be.  Neither is Neutral… So my inner Russia, the US is sending some Love your way… Please don’t let it go unNoticed by those that are ready to SEE.  To Russia with so much Love.

Kindness Reigns in God’s Mind!!! 



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