Grover Cleveland, My Hero…

1450883_332002080272499_1675442660_nThere are many wonderful Historical documentaries by Ken Burns.  One that I was watching the other night, was on the National Parks in the US.  Now I recently had my Eyes opened on Facebook by somebody posting something wonderful in ‘God’s sentiment and was guoted to the form of Grover Cleveland, a US President… He is a president of less historical/political note…. Not like the Kennedys and the Lincolns.  So this quote by a man called Grover Cleveland, ‘moved’ me to tears with a picture of Yosemite National Park.

Now all of the above occurred on Facebook. So then I see Netflixs has this documentary on National Parks…by my favorite, Ken Burns, Cool… this is how my life f-l-o-w-s, God working through me to Alllow Only That Which Will Move a Godly Conversation Forward.  So Everything is in my best interest.

So back to this movie and the point… Points and ADD are diametrically opposed… just thought I would let you know… I am ADD self diagnosed and Laugh about my little ways of being, that fall into this category!! Getting directly to anything for me is not ever going to happen.  I get much done… in my own way…. Xoxoxlolololol

So this movie, was speaking of the US’s previous leadership:  1850 – 1910… Back when the ‘forefathers’ were behaving more like ‘wise women’.  A trait I must say, I would like to make Permanent. 

So this documentary actually speaks about their ‘Inspired Thinking’ when it came to setting up the National Parks system in the US.  These politicians of the time, that had a Vision of God speaking through Them, about how Nature was to be preserved for all to witness.  Witness God and Love through a process called “National Parks in the US”.

072310_family_roadtrip_604x372-thumb-604x372As I was watching, I was taken back to childhood… My Parents and Brother would take ‘road trips’ during summer vacations to many beautiful, often historical National sights.

clevelandThen Seeing my Parents,  having made one of the most important decisions that I can See in raising children.  These family road trips to See Beauty.  In their way, Sharing Our Nature.  Sharing Our Beauty.  Sharing Our Love.  Families over generations viewing the Beauty that is Us.  A gift from my Holy Spirit in the form of ‘family vacations’ I am now able to See Great Natural Beauty.  Mine, Yours, and Ours… Our Birthright to See…. And all this from a silly quote purported to be said by a man called Grover Cleveland. 

And Seeing this as a generational process of making our Love Nature available to us.  If we can breath in the great scenes of the world, we can get a sense of Awe… a sense of Awe that tempts us to Think Beyond the Box… A sense of Awe to inspire Passion, A sense of Awe to Be in the Presence of a Loving God.  Come… This is a way of Being that exists for ALL, at Every Moment, Right Now… JOIN ME!

Now I got a little ACIM preachy here, excuse me while I step back down (I tend to fall off soapboxes in past lives), and I don’t want to loose the main point… We, as human beings on the planet all aspire to this.  We aspire to Love!!!!!!!

Now there is a lot of bullshit that gets in the way of me Seeing this simple thing… This is where ACIM comes in… If I am willing, ACIM will rotorouter out my bull shit.  Those are just little lessons I gift myself to return me to my center (neutral) which is the only place I can access Awe. God is Neutral.  Awe, Passion, Love beyond your wildest imagination, Insane Celebration… Live in Neutral.  

We can get a sense of God in these often spectacular natural visions… and God is ours to See in Every Moment…

images-22One most interesting note from the film… Yosemite actually means… “They are Killers”….. And somehow I am just breaking my self up at this Moment… Who the fuck is getting paid way too much to name our National Parks!!!  xoxoxolololLOLOLOL






3 thoughts on “Grover Cleveland, My Hero…

  1. I can’t think of anything better to say about your courage to speak out and put a smile on my face, so here it is, I just fucking Love you. Lloyd

    Sent from my iPad There is no life outside of Heaven.



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