Saving Whales and Rhinos

1342496172088_ORIGINALI was watching a documentary on Paul Watson, one of the Founders of Greenpeace.  I was so struck by his honesty.  “We, as a species, are violent… I have felt that same violence…just re directed it”… I was struck by the Truth and the Delusion in that statement… I hear his observation that we are a violent species…I see his approach is to correct something that appears Wrong to him…. Killing the Whales is wrong… I must say, this one can pull on my heartstrings… How can you not Support the end of Slaughter!!!

The delusion in my thinking if I choose to agree with Paul… the re-direction would serve me better if I accept My violent streak rather than focusing on the Japanese fleet killing whales … I have No power over anything other than My Mind.  As George Carlin stated, “Fighting for Peace (or the end of ‘slaughter’) is like screwing for virginity!”.  Yeah, in my head, I have some really harsh adjectives that I can throw at apparently abusive situations, particularly to animals and children…… These only serve to heighten My suffering (seeing others suffering), and this cycle continues taking me further down a path that will only serve to further confuse, and conflict me.  My only truly sane objective is to see it as God Sees it.  I have these two choices at any moment in time… 

Photo on 10-14-13 at 11.10 AM #2I am reminded of a story while in Africa in 1993… I was doing relief work with the International Rescue Committee.  We worked 6 weeks on (refugee camp along the Sudanese/Kenyan borders) with one week off…. During my one week off, I would select a ‘vacation destination’ in Africa and park myself there for the week… This one week, I went to a ‘tent camp” in the Seranghetti .

Most people, visiting this camp, fly in for a couple of days (max) on a ‘photographic safari”, then they leave… I was confusing to the staff… I was there for 7 days… and I was a woman, traveling by myself… not common to see in Africa at the time… The Masai are the most generous of people… They wanted to make my stay as enjoyable as possible and I was there for a long time to them….

So one morning… One of my Masai driver friends… comes to my tent early… We head out on the plains by ourselves before the sun was up… We came to a clearing and there was a lone masai guard with an Ak 47 slung on his shoulder and a large stick… (Have to Laugh for a moment… me and guns… definitely a streak of violence I have projected through out my life story)  Yeah..upon seeing an AK 47.. I had some fear come up… and I would like to think that my days of dreaming up AK 47’s in my life story are over… So, here is the truth from ego…Ego Wants me to fear this situation… my thoughts tell me, “Are You Fucking Kidding me… Two very tall black men, in the middle of the African Bush… with an Ak 47… This could only go two ways”…. And I remember thinking… “I am so among friends”…He spoke only Swahili so I just followed my driver friend and walked into the clearing with the two men…(…lolololol and gun)…..

The guard started striking the ground with his stick… The earth trembled… the bushes parted and out came two white Rhinos… Because of poaching, these were two of the last of a vanishing breed… One of them was named “Jokaquoi”… It was swahili for ‘For All the People”… During my time there in that field, stroking the hide and sharing some ‘eye time’… I got that they are completely at peace with any apparent extinction… We suffer because of our Violence that we project on them… Even prior to ACIM, I was getting messages…. Deal with your own violence… don’t project it on to others. 

So taking this experience into the violence I am projecting on to my body in the form of cancer induced lung suffering…I ‘beLIEve’ cancer is a violent act of the universe… and I need to get… Cancer (or a headache) is a Violent Act I am projecting on Myself…

So back to Paul Watson and Greenpeace… ( I write from an ADD world)… so the ‘news’ “tells” me that the “scientific research” that was done to “slaughter whales” has been banned in certain nations that Paul was ‘fighting’ against.  Now I get that I have helped in ending more ‘collectively held violence” as I Clear my beLIEfs. 

As I deal with ‘my violence’, I Clear the Way for God to Shine Through in So Much.  As I deal with ‘my violence’, I Clear the way for PEACE…

So if ending the apparant ‘clubbing of baby seals’ occurs ONLY, when I am willing to stop clubbing my baby seal… me… Blessed Be!

I can actually hear George Carlin laughing… lol….xoxoxoxox







3 thoughts on “Saving Whales and Rhinos

  1. Hello my beautiful companion on the bridge to Reality. There are no bears or whales to save, remember there is no world. Lesson 132. Remember a lot of these things come up to be forgiven as they simply are untrue projections. The ego would want us to become all mushy and guilty which would keep us trapped in the illusion. This may sound harsh but do you want to feel guilty or at Peace knowing nothing is true in a dream? By no means do I say one should not be compassionate towards anything but also to remember The Truth. Loving LOVE. Lloyd

    Sent from my iPad There is no life outside of Heaven.



    • I am totally with you My Brother!!!! This was written when I first started to undo all my ‘conservationist’ ways. I created quite a bit that needed to be undone!!! Thank You Lloyd!!! We are both totally Nuts, OR we Are Seeing and Being the Light… I think it is the latter!!! I so Join you in Peace Only!!! xoxox


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