The Marathon Game

images-59Was just reading a post by David Hoffmeister… He has transcribed several, one on one sessions with students that are wonderful… This one is called, “Use of the body”.  A student asks how to best take care of the body…

He says, “Despite the fact that the body will break down and degenerate and never will be immortal, and is very temporal and transitory like everything else in the projected cosmos, the mind has a big investment in trying to make it a good home. Therefore if it is seen that I can make it live longer by exercising and eating the right things, if I can make it more comfortable by doing these things, I’ll do it. But the flip side is that there is a strong identification and belief in the body. The body in this perspective is not seen as nothing. It’s seen as something and that’s why the great search for health is in the wrong place. Health can accurately be described as inner peace, as a mind that has let go of judgment, of ordering thoughts, a mind that reaches a true perception, a more stabilized perception, is a mind at peace. This is a mind that truly is healed and truly is healthy.

WOW, Thank You David!!  So from here I spring board into “how does one use the body?”.   ACIM says it is a vehicle for God’s use.  So with the above information I took on… a game. 

In the illusion, whatever belief is held unconsciously by the masses… presents itself to me as… “you are fucked with the cancer you are presenting with, sign up for hospice,”… So the Game I am playing with God.  What would I Never Expect (belief) a person with ‘hospice stage cancer” to do…?

Now there is a friend of mine, Lisa Natoli, that has recently been “approved” to run in the NYC Half Marathon.  She is not a runner.  And she is taking on this game of …. Let’s run…

images-40My version of her Marathon with God is to start a work out program.  So my belief was… “I am down to walking a whooping 100 feet”.  And the unconscious belief… “yeah… it is downhill from here!”…So I take that belief on… Start a workout program with God.  This is my version of the ‘Marathon Game”.

This game has nothing to do with being nice to my body, like David is referencing.  I am taking God on as the Driver and doing whatever Feels Like the Truth.  Truth for somebody experiencing ‘cancer’, would start by Seeing cancer differently.

What if, the belief of cancer, starts with, “you find a new way of Seeing Everything and your opportunity is to have a ‘strong healthy body in God’”.  So my Focus will never be on: fatigue, weight gain or loss, constipation, hair loss, nausea, coughing, fevers, or any other ‘symptoms that have been associated with cancer’.  This is about a ‘New Game called cancer!

This was one month ago.  I am now walking 1.3 miles on the treadmill, 2 miles on an indoor bike, and go to the dog park every day.  I do this Joyously with God… Prooving my self wrong. 

So I challenge all reading this post… What is Your version of the Marathon?  Are you willing to have that be your vertical path to Seeing God?  Are you willing to See it Differently?  Join Me in the Light on this… I Hold all close that are willing to challenge their beliefs.

images-80_This is the access that David Hoffmeister is referring to.  The ego will find a way to take you back into the unconscious at every turn.  Cancer for me has allowed me to present my self with a game changing game.  Thank You David for your Words and Heart.  This is my answer to No Private Thoughts! xoxoxoxo

5 thoughts on “The Marathon Game

  1. Love David. Love you Calico with a love that can not be explained. No words! Lloyd

    Sent from my iPad There is no life outside of Heaven.



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