To My Smoking Friends….this ones for you…

nOYSGJ6JmIeQTJebjyOzTQky5aGxIK4QDfuGkM-3SXk-T4oUlskjJ26Nq68l-2vvbf85=s110To My Smoking Friends in the Illusion…. Whew.. this one pulled at some tap roots of a beLIEf… I had unwound most of my medical background as a chiropractor… Personally, I thought I had dismantled the entire scientific/medical model in my thoughts….During ‘my education’, I spent WAY too much money putting those beLIEfs in my mind…lolololol   And this one crept in the back door, kind of a Slap, that I gave my self…

OK… to my Smoking Friends… I previously advised others, “when smoking,  be gentle with yourself and smoke ‘guilt free’ … and ‘my’ problem was this… I also advised others… to continue to ‘attempt quitting’….I still beLIEved that ‘smoking is dangerous’.   I began digging deeper  into my fears … I uncovered a fear for my self… That  I still BeLIEve that something ‘out there’ will improve or harm ‘health’.   OK.. I still held that “Inhaling smoke regularly could harm lungs”, or else it would not matter to me whether one quits or not…  whew…ick…lolololollololo

So the issue I ‘took to God’ was, “Where am I using my fear of ‘cigarette smoking causing problems in lungs‘, and where do I see the ‘addition’ of or the ‘removal’ of anything, causing more health.  Without cleanning up this thinking completely, I will continue to scare my self…What is that all about…?

I Choose to be Happy… I Commit to Trusting God Above ALL ELSE… PERIOD…. I need do nothing like ‘deleting the messengers’…What happened:  There are core beLIEfs in the medical world that live as truth… they are held like, “the earth is flat”.  acim offers another ‘idea’…This ‘idea’… Healing Only Occurs in Mind!  So, when the rest of the illusion is still seeing ‘flat’… I am standing and saying… I See Round…. My Projection totally…

To my SMOKER FRIENDS…. I so release ‘you’ from any previous ‘suffering’ resulting from me Nailing You On the Cross….. Here, let me help you down… you may or may not have known I put you there… yeah… you Knew… so here… let me wash your hands and feet…. I Love you…and the clearing continues …

images-66I am soooo Happy!  And I do enjoy this process as the Only Game I am into playing and I do sooooo Love those that play it with me… btw… can I have a ‘drag off that’?xoxoxoxoxoxolololololololololololololololol

3 thoughts on “To My Smoking Friends….this ones for you…

  1. By ‘coincidence’ Calico, I could say ditto, this morning I happened to have this video come up on my timeline and almost did ‘delete’ for various reasons, but chose to watch (half way through so far), and it shifted my perception of detox. You might enjoy it, it has a different perspective to how I’ve seen detoxing and he explains it so well. I guess in summary it speaks to me of being kind on oneself. If it’s not for you, let’s carry on! ❤


    • Anne… thank you for Our One Mind!!! xoxoxlolol… yeah.. a life of detox… Never Before Like This One… It is with God… and it is a Whole New Game Plan… I am CLEAR… MORE is being Revealed11 I so Love You ANNE.. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX


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