The Lord’s Prayer and Pickeled Pigs Feet

images-2Once again, I am moved by my 40 day Commitment to God.  I Celebrate as God.  And todays lesson spoke about so much confusion over ‘religious’ terms and beLIEfs in what words like devil and sin, and Baptism “mean”?… and today… Lisa presented with us the Lords’ Prayer.  I say to my ‘confused religious friends’… this ones for you….

The Lord’s Prayer:  Our Father Who Art in Heaven,Hallowed be thy Name, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done, On Earth as it is in Heaven, Give us this day our Daily Bread, And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors, And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil.  For thine is the kingdom, and the Power and  The Glory for Ever (and this is a different version by many beLIEfs)

As a child there were many foods that were presented from having a Swedish mother and an Irish Father.  I am unaware of which side of my Sweet illusional lineages brought this one into the house and great lessons have come from it… We always had a jar of ‘pickledpigsfeet’ in the refrigerator.

So I remember running in and grabbing some wonderful gelatinous goodie from the jar as a young child (prior to age 6).  This is related to the above prayer.  I remember speed reading the above prayer as a ‘young catholic’… Saying the words and not really stopping to acknowledge what was being said.  Not really caring… just aware there was something I would be rather doing than reading this stupid prayer.  Back to the culinary issue…

So One day, I remember my Mom, sharing the jar with me… We all shared the jar from time to time… and her saying again… “I just Love pickled Pigs Feet”…. I had never before heard these words… I remember thinking in HORROR of what I was eating….

Now hear is the stretch… Re read the Lords Prayer as if for the Very First time… NOT with horror as I did with realizing my pig friends were missing their feet, but Through the Love of God…. That I Know I Share with ALL on this 40 day commitment List.

images-4 I need to take off all of my filters… Christian, feminist, evil, heaven, pigs feet, whatever and READ the Lord’s Prayer… I do not define my self as Christian or any other religion or BeLIEf.  I Love God.  I grew up catholic /jewish neighborhood and I still eat lox and bagels for Christmas morning.  I am happy to say for my piggy pals… I not longer imbibe on their feet… And with that I have no Judgement… I still imbibe on other parts of their bodies at this point in the illusion.

Just one Loving note to my Still Loving the Pig’s Feet Friends… I do remember at one time…. So enjoying them… Some things change others don’t… I don’t attempt to Judge them… SO Love All of Youl

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