TIME+IS+AN+ILLUSION+WITH+EXTRA+DESIGN+ELEMENTSTIME:  an integral part of ego’s illusory world of separation, in contrast to eternity, which exists only in Heaven; while time appears to be linear, it is all contained in a tiny instant that has already been corrected and undone by the Holy Spirit, and in truth never happened at all. …acim

Time is lived like it will be for ever. We allow ourselves to sleep walk thru life as a result of this “background”.   Enjoying a drink here a dance there… and in general asleep to the concept of time.

Now ACIM SAYS… time does not exist except in the mind of ego…. So Most in acim have ‘a joke’… ‘thank god, time does not exist’… yet that is spoken out of the very mind that DEPENDS on TIME.   And that Dependence on time comes up QUICK when We are faced with imminent death in some way.

This is what I like to call a back door approach that ego makes to Steal us back into delusional thinking.  Do Not Be Fooled… You BeLIEve in Time…. So much so, that we generally can not even engage in a conversation about it that does not make one feel Very Delusional.

I am including a piece by Carlos Castaneda’s here.  (Thank You Lisa Natoli… Your 40 day Commitment to God (Transformation) is the BEST!!!).  This is a conversation between Carlos and His Teacher, Don Juan…

“You have never taken the responsibility for being in this unfathomable world, ” Don Juan said in an indicting tone. “Therefore, you were never an artist, and perhaps you’ll never be a hunter.”

“This is my best, Don Juan.”

“No. You don’t know what your best is.”

“I am doing all I can.”

“You’re wrong again. You can do better. There is one simple thing wrong with you-you think you have plenty of time.”

He paused and looked at me as if waiting for my reaction.

“You think you have plenty of time,” he repeated.

“Plenty of time for what, Don Juan?”

“You think your life is going to last forever.”

“No. I don’t.”

“Then, if you don’t think your life is going to last forever, what are you waiting for? Why the hesitation to change?”

“Has it ever occurred to you, Don Juan, that I may not want to change?”

“Yes, it has occurred to me. I did not want to change either, just like you. However, I didn’t like my life; I was tired of it, just like you. Now I don’t have enough of it.”

I vehemently asserted that his insistence about changing my way of life was frightening and arbitrary. I said that I really agreed with him, at a certain level, but the mere fact that he was always the master that called the shots made the situation untenable for me.

“You don’t have time for this display, you fool, ” he said in a severe tone. “This, whatever you’re doing now, may be your last act on earth. It may very well be your last battle. There is no power which could guarantee that you are going to live one more minute.”

“I know that, ” I said with contained anger.

“No. You don’t. If you knew that you would be a hunter.”

I contended that I was aware of my impending death but it was useless to talk or think about it, since I could not do anything to avoid it.

Don Juan laughed and said I was like a comedian going mechanically through a routine. “If this were your last battle on earth, I would say that you are an idiot, ” he said calmly. “You are wasting your last act on earth in some stupid mood.”

We were quiet for a moment. My thoughts ran rampant. He was right, of course.

“You have no time, my friend, no time. None of us have time, ” he said.

“I agree, Don Juan, but-“

“Don’t just agree with me, ” he snapped. “You must, instead of agreeing so easily, act upon it. Take the challenge. Change.”

“Just like that?”

“That’s right. The change I’m talking about never takes place by degrees; it happens suddenly. And you are not preparing yourself for that sudden act that will bring a total change.”

I believed he was expressing a contradiction. I explained to him that if I were preparing myself to change I was certainly changing by degrees.

“You haven’t changed at all, ” he said. “That is why you believe you’re changing little by little. Yet, perhaps you will surprise yourself someday by changing suddenly and without a single warning. I know this is so, and thus I don’t lose sight of my interest in convincing you.”

This is the life I play out when ever I ‘experience anything without a ‘Love Filter’.  PERIOD.

YET…until faced with ‘an apparent end of time’… fatal diagnosis, I was content to Live a Contradiction, as spoken by Don Juan.

The only thing said at the end of life is that it went quickly.  I have never before the diagnosis, Lived like Life can cease to exist at any moment.  Glimpses of the flaw about time are received in battle, near death experiences or receiving a fatal diagnosis.  During those moments… time becomes Very Real.  It is still our Choice as to How to Live in those moments… Some Wake… Some Don’t…

All of these moments can be accessed without near death experiences…  We can Choose to Be Happy.  We are Living a ‘LIE’,  living in any other way.  Yet it occurs as a personal “projection of fear… battles, near death experiences, fatal cancer”, that can allow us to See this Major Flaw in the small minded conversation.  We choose to act our these scenarios rather than Accept and Embrace our True Loving Nature.  Time is held in place by my Judgements only.  Once I take on dismantling them… this whole projection becomes the True Joke that I Made it up to Be….This is how Waking up to a ‘Round World’…. occurs…



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