The African Chronicles: SIGHT… Truth or Interpretation… My Only Choice

th-5My Eyes SEE ONLY what I allow them to BeLIEve.  This has been a tricky lesson for me lately.  I am clear how my eyes see no thing.  Every Thing is held as a Thought.  So All Form is only my judgment in thought of something taken in by my eyes.  All interpretation from a visual, MUST be presented as the LOVE it is… Remember… ALL is just a CALL for Love or LOVE… that is it.   My interpretation through a thought other than Love, will only hinder this process.

There is a question poised by students often.  “What about areas of life where there is supposed devastation, war, famine, ect.?  People look as if they are suffering… and How do we respond?”

Some of my first lessons in ‘Sight”, came while in a Sudanese refugee camp in Africa.  In 1993 I was in Somalia and Sudan as a volunteer relief worker with the International Rescue Committee (IRC).  Initially on my 6 month stay… I kept saying, “I KNOW I am not in Kansas any more”… I found my self in a totally unfamiliar environment.  At the time, ‘unfamiliar’ came with a dose of some fear.  Now my “past belief in people suffering”… came to save the day.  Since it was all NEW, I immediately threw my ‘historical thought that made sense (however delusional)”… into the mix.  I felt better knowing that I understood what I was seeing…. It did not matter that I was thinking some ‘not so pleasant’ ideas around all of it.  I was not using a filter for Love at the time… In Fact… I Lovingly referred to my self as the “Relief Worker from Hell”.   I so Laugh Out Loud at his now!!!

As I started to allow the visuals to become ‘familiar’… I started to See Past My ‘historical’ belief in suffering.  “People Suffer”… I Believed it.  And then I started to See that My beLIEf in suffering created the relief worker from hell… I believed that Hell Needed Relief… and it was not about what I Thought!  So I FLEW to an area of suffering that could be best served by my beLIEf to ‘end suffering’.   I do hope you are chuckling at this point in the story….

In the camp, I so got that the NEEDS would Never be met by me or any body else.  So while I continued to Serve… I started to meet other ‘Servers”… I am gratefull that my guidance made me stay for a while, as I corrected my thinking.  From my initial response, I was able to ‘engage’ with my circumstances.  I got to KNOW individuals.  Powerfull carriers of LIGHT.  They are there in ALL areas of perceived devastation.  So instead of Joining in Trauma and drama thoughts… Let us Join In the Light… supporting Those that are SEEING through LOVE.

At some point during this Lesson in Love… I remember thinking to my self… there are two categories of people in the world… (I reference this NOW to there are two different ways of thinking about any thing…. Through God’s Loving Eyes…. Or… EVERY OTHER WAY OF SEEING!!!)  The two groups of people I was ‘seeing’ in the camp… were either…”asking for some thing….. OR  Giving of them Selves.  AND I was MOVED to spend time with the latter….

Smiling South African women with body paint adornment on their faces.Now in the ‘real world’… here is how these people occurred… Two sisters had walked hundreds of miles together to this camp.  They were given a sheet of blue plastic for protection and some food.  Several days after arriving in the camp… they showed up at the hospital… (75,000 in the camp… one hospital… 30 beds… folks sleeping three to a bed… many made themselves comfortable, or not, on the floor).  These sisters showed up at the hospital within Their Commitment to be of Service…they walked several miles in the camp to get there every day.…. They offered their services because they saw others needing a hand.  They held hands… cleaned faces… spent time in the TB ward….They showed up every day.   Why… Because they could be of service.  There was NOTHING in it for them.  If anything… they risked their lives in the current beLIEf system of medicine… by exposing themselves to some of the most apparently deadly virus’ on the planet.  AND they Feared Not… They Just Saw Opportunity to GIVE!!!

So when I See Suffering on a Large Scale… I Look DEEPER in to my fear.  Where do I Fear Suffering.  Where do I resist Giving.   AND this is not about GIVING out of FEAR that it may happen to me.  That is codependant thinking.  This is not Giving out of a need to fix something.  This is the Lesson in TRUE LOVE.  These are the Lessons available to us in those apparent areas of ‘struggle and strife’.  There is No Thing Broken.  Only My interpretation of it.

th-7 th-6 So at this point in my Healing…I am no longer BeLIEving my sight. I am choosing God as My Inspiration and Source for All including my Vision.  And As I am Trusting this… I am Happier than I have ever been.

And as a side on this one little story… Misrek and Jordon, My Eithiopian Sisters are currently living in Canada and the US.   Are there lives different… yes… and the most important piece… There Hearts are bigger than ever!!!  I Join All in Love!th

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