Fooled You…. Decided to keep this web site going…

This picture was taken at a ‘peak suffering’ period”during March of 2013. I am writing this as of June 2014, I can honestly say, my Life has turned 180 for God… I am truly Levitated! Thank God

It has been over a several yeared period of time that All of these lessons came through. At this point on the path… I am Complete with All of ‘my past’.  So I am being pulled to close this website out. I will not be adding to it. Use it as a ‘resource in the illusion’… Icky stuff occurring… I am sure you will find something of value here to use as a tool in reworking ‘your thinking’…

I am being pulled to open a new web site… title in the works… and this web page will allow me to post the subtle beauty that I find my Self Allowing in my ‘projection’… There is no more ‘icky stuff’…. And this ‘new’ web site will take my blog from here. And let me tell ‘you’… I found much humor in cancer and foreclosure and I hope you were able to share in All of it.   My current illusion is ‘occuring very differently’… and that is where this new site will go… on to the Universe of Love…my body… the ‘Enterprise”….my navigator God…

So, logistically, I have not created the new site, I will be posting new ‘blogs’ on FB for now… and when the new site opens, I will post it here also.

So for now, , Thank You… May it be here to guide others through the ‘icky stuff’ to the LIGHT… And the adventure continues past angst… My Love and ‘cream puffs’ to ALL!!!!!   Really!!!! WOW!!!!images-9

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