Faith is Willingness

“Faith must always precede understanding because 
Understanding is Truth – and cannot be gained by knowledge.” The master teacher


“Initially”, when first starting this process of going ‘within with God”… Faith is Needed… It shows up as a willingness to See Everything Differently. I started to See that ‘my feelings’ were access to God…. AND… with so much in acim…this did not occur in the ‘way I have done this in the past’….

On Fb the other day, some body asked… “Do you ever ‘feel’ sick or tired? And as a Course person… do you acknowledge this?”… We are human beings having human experiences. Sickness lives in the horizontal. AND this Awakening Process does not live in the horizontal illusion called ‘being human’.

Dealing with ‘feelings’ like ‘sickness’ can only truly ever be healed in Mind. So stopping the ‘verbal sharing of ‘how bad I feel’’… is the first step of ‘faith’… To take all those negative symptoms to God… to See differently.

For Me, this initially appeared as, ‘I am denying my feelings if I am not sharing them”… and all I can say is… NO… actually…. Quite to the contrary… Sharing Suffering Expands Suffering. So Why Share these icky feelings.

So accessing God has GOT to come from Within. Initiallizing this process was for me… to ‘stop acknowledging publically’… how ‘bad I felt’…

If I perceived fatique, pain, symptoms, failure, whatever negativity…. That was for me to go to God Within. Saying any of this out loud to ‘others’… slowed down my process. It only served to keep the feelings ‘real’.

Going to God is the quickest (and Only) way to Salvation and apparently ‘removing symptoms’… This happens to be a very quiet journey. No Sharing with ‘others’ is needed. An Inside Job With God. Me and God.

This faith… to turn to God quietly….allowed for ‘understanding the Truth’…The Truth that I am a Child of the Light… a Child of Love… a Child of God… incapable of perceiving any thing ‘icky’.

AND this Truth… can never be studied or understood.   For God Alone can Heal all ‘icky’ thoughts…