“Rules for Decision”, originally given Us by Jesus, reinterpreted through a dog event

Have been exploring the many aspects of how to better be able to ‘present’ these rules… A Course in Miracles is actually about a dozen key points that boil down to One… Love, all of it. It has, up til this point in time, has taken a text, and several supplements to describe it thus far. The ‘Rules for Decision’ are One of those Key Principles from Jesus.

I must have spent a couple of ‘years’ attempting to just make any sense out of them at all… I remember while still in practice, I had different ideas from chapter (30) and a list of the ‘rules’ taped around the office… I Knew it had something to do with ‘My Eternal Peace of Mind’… and, I was still ‘questioning’, “does a bear shit in the woods”. LOLOL… so I continued to ‘suffer through studying the rules for decision’ …LOLOLOLOL…

Pup2So here is a little story…In the horizontal, in the illusion, I apparently have ‘a geriatric, three legged, well lived, heeler/dalmation mix. I usually do not do ‘things medical’…and his breath was not his sweet smell and he was off his food… and one of his molars appeared, ‘black’. (lolol… I must say I now take ‘delight’ in my precious way of being)… ummmm… a black tooth… Holy Spirit (HS), decide for me… time for a vet?… and I am going to add… Chester was in no pain… and Chester is just ‘my projection’, and we both appear to have had quite the history of ‘form abuse’. LOLO… ‘we are cute and well used’…. And “I” am currently addressing some ‘form issues’… so what a better projection with which to deal with ‘my issues’… than through a projection of a Loving Being to Love Even More…

I did not ‘resist’ my projection. He had that molar extracted under anesthesia. When I went to pick him up… a woman came and spoke to me… and said..”he does appear to be in some distress and we think he would do better at home”… he had lots of drugs that day… who knows… So here goes my thinking… He could hardly walk… and the whites of his eyes were visible all the way around those soft brown ones I was familiar with… He whined with each breath… there was another drug recommended to ‘bring him down’… and …yeah… you see where this is going… As I was driving ‘us’ home… I was thinking… I am really ready to have any blocks to SEEING LOVE’S ETERNAL Presence brought up before me and God, released and Returned to Joy. And given ‘my reflection’ in my sweet Wide Eyed projection… We were going to Cough up One Major “BeLIEf furball’….

He became situated next to me in bed (50 pounds with a missing leg). Wide awake, wired and Whining with each breath… until the wee hours of the next morning… when we eventually nodded off…

I Used this evening… Knowing that I did what would be deemed appropriate action in the horizontal.. and the ‘Laws of the world gave him the best they had”… So I assumed the position for the evening… my hand over his apparently missing shoulder and settled in for a period of time… to Be an Extension of Love only…

Chester would ‘whine’… I would Join Tighter with God… Knowing Healing Never Needs to be Repeated. .. allowing “this time” as a Prayer to God… Trusting Only God…

So the mantra with each ‘whine’, “I Am a Holy Child of God, Suffering is Impossible”, “HS Help Me See this differently… I am projecting ‘suffering’…. “HELP ME SEE THIS DIFFERENTLY”…”Where am I still harboring ‘the idea that one can suffer in a dream?’…

This process allows for “me” to bring up the ‘unconscious 80%’.  This is also known as those things that “I don’t know, I don’t Know”.  The 20% of my mind that I ‘use’… comes from the arena of “I Know”…The Unconscious mind is “I don’t know, I don’t know” and is the part of ‘my’ thinking that “desires ‘me to suffer’”,… With my God Time… my Prayer… beLIEf’s come to the surface… to Be Seen and Forgiven.

I will just mention here, when these ‘unconscious’ thoughts come to the surface to be revealed, released and returned to Peace…it is a process…. And I have SEEN my self get ‘trapped’ in the so called ‘dark night of the soul’.…. Then ego sets up a ‘lifestyle’ called ‘dark night of the soul’… my suggestion… get out of that ‘life’ as quickly as possible. How? You ask… the ‘rules for Decision’….lolololo…

AND this takes NO TIME… unless I am being driven by my ego mind… The question to ask one self… at any given time.. “Am I willing to Be happy now?  If not… Why Not?”…then Join with God in Seeing “the dark night of the soul” differently… LOLOL this really is quite funny looking at it all with My God Mind..

As the night went on… I was Bathed in Love… Just Loving My Self and in the background… a ‘whine’… and I would go into the ‘mantra’… “HS, suffering is impossible… I am projecting this … to block the ‘flow of LOVE’ that I AM…. Period… no exceptions… I Am Cause for Love Only… projecting suffering is insane at best… and impossible Knowing My Source is Only Love”… The sun did rise and all of this is just a wonder full memory of Being with God.

By the way… Chester never suffered in the making of this illusion… I was just using a ‘projection’ to deepen My Trust of God in All Things.  I now practicing the Rules for Decision… I will “Never Study them again”…. “Living Them Leads to the Light”!!!   Much Love All!!

2 thoughts on ““Rules for Decision”, originally given Us by Jesus, reinterpreted through a dog event

  1. Calico, please help me understand you correctly – how do you mean that “By the way… Chester never suffered in the making of this illusion… I was just using a ‘projection’ to deepen My Trust of God in All Things.”
    Thanks 🙂


    • Great Question… and in the Horizantal… there is only so much ‘to do’… then it is all in my being. Am I going to suffer with a projection or am I going to Go to God and Hold the Love that I Know WE ARE… ALL of us and suffering is impossible. So the Rules for decision are just this… Choose… suffer of Be With God… Knowing Everything is for me to See Love… All of it… and again… this is the ‘training’ that Jesus offers us… Thanks for the question!! (and Chester is lying next to me… no signs of suffering at all) xoxox


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