Doctor for God

images-3One of the accomplishments on the horizontal level that I saw my self fulfill was to become a Doctor of Chiropractor. I Loved this profession and stayed in it for 30 years, until I really took on a Course in Miracles.

I ‘studied’ acim for years. Then with a foreclosure and a ‘terminal cancer’ diagnosis, I took my acim practice to a whole new level. There was a small contingency of acim practitioners that were taking acim Literally.

Sickness is suffering. God is Only Love. Suffering is impossible in a Child of God…. My “thinking” was obviously making me sick.

So the exploration went to a level of ‘questioning my doing anything’… And knowing that I also made up a ‘bad back’ along with ‘terminal cancer’… well… I had some work to do.

I got into chiropractic with the beLIEf that I had a ‘bad back’;… that would ‘bother me’… and would be relieved with chiropractic. This worked for years. I went in for weekly adjustments and I stayed out of any pain. My 3 page MRI report was a testament to the effectiveness of chiropractic assisting those with back pain.

Over the years… my studies with ‘alternative health practices’… took me to the study of ‘heavy metal removal’… I opened the Santa Fe Chelation Café. We did IV heavy metal removal (Lead, mercury, nickel, ect.), organic parasite and fungal IV ozone treatments, and Vitamin Mineral IV drips.

All of this fell under ‘my understanding’ of healing. So the first thing I did with God… stop getting adjustments for my back. I did not see any way to ‘heal cancer with my mind’… and I could at least Trust God enough to Stop the adjustments that I ‘thought’ protected me from pain. God “should’ be enough if I am to take on this ‘literal’ translation of healing according to acim.

Not surprising now… but I have gone over 2 and a half years with out an adjustment… no back pain. So with ‘that proof’… I took on cancer. And I have to say… this is where I Knew I drank the kool-aid… ALL MY TRAINING went against what I was attempting ‘to do’. THINK CANCER AWAY.

This was a process.. while cleaning out my ‘chiropractic belief structure’ … alternative treatments to fix and alter anything. The major reason for the passion directed in this way… was to reduce or eliminate cancer, autoimmune disorders, autism, and a host of other ‘icky diagnoses’ …

In hindsight, I so ‘caused cancer’ in a body created for Love only. I fought for years to find ‘treatments’ and ‘causes’ for icky stuff… and I found them. Lots of them… then I made a living out of ‘informing you’ of what you might want to fear. I totally forgive my self for this error in thinking.

So in my Healing of Mind, I came across all the materials for this book I was going to publish…. The Alternative approach to Heavy Metal Removal. As I pondered my research… I was so struck by the level of ‘bullshit’ I had now made manifest. In all good conscious… the buck had to stop with me.

It was at this time I took on being a Doctor for God. I see my self searching out areas of ‘my mind’ that I used without God. The Book was written by a mind that believed suffering was possible… a mind that was bent on Proving suffering was not only possible… but to be EXPECTED!! (ouch… forgiving my self).

So with that being said, I threw out ALL: the documentation, files, pages for this book. I am now Living a new story. And this story has no need to further complicate the world of medicine. There are no ‘therapies’ needed, so why would I add new therapies. The only thing I am Needing… Clear My Mind for God only… then My Mind can truly be used for Extending God’s Love Only.

Removing Blocks is the only thing This doctor needs to do… and I do not need ‘patients’ to do this. I am the only ‘patient’ I need… and God is the only ‘Author’ needed for my Healing.

My Life just keeps getting simpler and simpler… Thank God!! Much Love All xoxo





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