Dog Park Ministry

Photo on 8-27-15 at 6.18 AM #2Yesterday was a ‘travel day’… I flew (in the US) from Santa Fe, NM to Dallas, Texas to Charlotte, N(?)C to Portland, Maine. I took on ‘travel’ in a Whole New Way (thank You Judy Morton!!!)… I have not had ‘ease’ going through’ airports in the recent ‘past’. My body appears to ‘effort’… So with this ‘new way’…. I took on ‘Loving Everybody I Saw’… (not ‘ignoring’ the form… just putting it into its’ proper perspective).   And  I took this on with God…not just ‘in my mind’… I took on ‘talking’ to folks as if they were My Dear Mother, a Favorite Aunt or Christ, themselves. Everywhere I went… People Smiled… Planes had extra space…One gate stayed open one last minute for me…  time stopped… I leisured through airports.

And the Greatest gift to my self… While ‘leisuring’ through the Dallas airport… a man comes up to me and says, (I kid you not)”You are from the Santa Fe dog park! You are ‘that’ Course in Miracles woman”… besides Laughing my insides out at the iddy biddy world I live in… I got something More Beautifull…

Yes… I am that woman from the Dog Park in Santa Fe… That is my ‘main ministry’ while residing in Santa Fe. I have always Loved my daily dog park walks… and I meet many and discuss always from a Course in Miracle perspective… And I have held this as a little sad… until Dallas….

My social life revolves around the dog park… yes… my daily excursions there are about the extent of my current ‘social calendar’… There are three acim students that get together for dinners… and I always saw that as ‘my’ ministry…. LOLOLO… God’s Humor… similar to George Carlin’s…

No my ‘spiritual ministry is Known to others as “that woman at the dog park”…. And I so Adore This!! Much Love All…. Here is my morning… sitting on a beach in Portland, Maine… In Joying the sun rise… Much Love All…

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