The Ultimate Halloween Mask… Take em off!!!!

Mask of Fear and sufferingFor a little ‘Halloween’ Themed blog… Here is the ‘definition of ‘mask’ according to acim…

“The body’s suffering is a mask the mind holds up to hide what really suffers. It (editors note: ‘it’ refers to ‘me’ acting without God/or ego) would not understand it is its own enemy; that it attacks itself and wants to die. It is from this your “laws” would save the body. It is for this you think you are a body. You think you must obey the “laws” of medicine, of economics and of health. Protect the body, and you will be saved.  These are not laws, but madness.” Acim lesson 76

And with that being said…

Mask of Fear and suffering-2‘I’ first needed to identify that I was creating an illness (my mask) to abuse my self.

This ‘mask removal’ process occurred with some degree of apparent discomfort in ‘identifying with’, how ‘vicious’ ‘my projections’ really were… I mean ‘I’ did dream up ‘cancer’, ‘foreclosures’, ‘world wars’…omg…and a whole lot more….LOLOLOLOL… a One Woman Band of Self Destruction….LOLOLOLOLO…

So ‘my’ path has been to accept my insanity in the form of ‘suffering’ with ‘cancer’ (and everything else).  And there is a ‘weee bit’ of ‘guilt’ experienced during the ‘mask removal’ (‘suffering’ removal) process…

images-69”I created cancer”, AND by my ‘willingness’ to Embrace ‘this guilt’….is the ‘degree’ I Am released from it… ‘I’ (ego) wanted my self dead… enough to ‘create a cancer to consume me’… ok… a little guilt here…really…wow… Pause With God… The snake eating it’s own tail takes on a different feel… lolololo

The Truth… I have only been and can only be Love… unless I want to ‘think something else’… ok…

1311537150291During this process… No Matter what I ‘think’… I See MY World as Whole and Complete and Love. And if any ‘thought’ comes in that is counter to this…I take that ‘thought’ to God…IMMEDIATELY… if not sooner…

“Within whatever form I find my self: sick, unhappy, angry…All fearfull, whatever ‘form’ “I see”…just GO TO AND SEE WITH GOD ONLY…

Just Keep MY MIND WITH GOD … changing ‘my mind’ whenever ‘I’ ‘think’ something… ‘icky’…about anyone or anything….

I Ask for the ‘blocks’ to Loves Eternal Presence to Be Seen!  ASK for All My Blocks to the Love that I Am… to Be Revealed…And the end result of this is Allways ‘Happy”… (the ‘process’ is as ‘bumpy’ as I make it…) … (‘process’ and ‘bumpy’ are ego defined conditions…LOL)!

And God Allways occurs as Love, Happy, Peacefull, Joyous and Funny

Now the tricky part in the ‘mask removal’ process is to ‘just see’… with ‘no judgment’ or ‘expectations of outcomes’ for ‘one moment’ with God.

The Good News… It really only takes a moment!  Just See With God for a moment with ‘no judgment or expectations’.  To See with Love for a moment with ‘no judgment or expectations’….

I have a Great Video on my FB page…

The video starts with a ‘ravaged’ looking little dog. There is a nice guy filming while sitting on the floor of a small room encouraging the puppy with words of ‘calm’.

The puppy is so scared… he is peeing and pooping on himself, climbing walls, attempting to get away from the ‘guy’ (source of immediate fear). The puppy screaming in terror.

This goes on for awhile… and most get caught up in the ‘graphic nature’ of the ‘fearfull’ puppy.  A ‘slippery slope’ to Hell for ‘me’…. so Seeing this video with God…

In reality…this ‘puppy has ‘nothing’ to fear…this is how God Sees Me (US). Fear is the ‘mask’… God just waiting patiently as we Scream in Fear… and Fight the ‘invisible scarey’ thing, while ‘figuring out’, how to ‘remove’ it. (fix it, cut it out, make it go away kind of ‘thinking…)…when…only to Trust God…PRIOR to ‘doing’ anything.  Ask..”what’s the fear?”…Ask what the ‘Fear is’ that is keeping ‘me’ from ‘trusting God’….

Eventually, this little dog, quite unexpectedly, jumps into the man’s lap. The puppy gets Completely and Immediately relaxed in the man’s lap. The puppy accepts the refuge of ‘the lap’…the ‘fear’ (mask) gone… the fighting over… True Refuge and Peace is Immediate.

images-70I have so often sought the ‘lap of God’, and the Safety from ‘my internal storm’…if I Pause With God…the “Peace” of the ‘lap’, is Immediate!!. The ‘mask’ gone…into “a puff of nothing”, acim.

So, ‘How Healing Occurs”…if I am Willing to postpone ‘speaking’ about the ‘complaint’… and ‘jump into the lap of God…go to God… ‘practice trusting God’. Healing Is….and ‘Happy” the outcome.

Ask God to Show Me ‘that’ which Blocks the Light (‘beliefs’ that keep ‘my suffering’ ‘real’ in the ‘ill’usion).

Then the PAUSE… LISTEN for God… All discomfort ‘I’ experience goes to GOD…

God… show me where I am not Trusting that I am the Love of God?”… ‘Trust God’ and suffering is Impossible within ‘this’ state of LOVE.

My process appears to continue With God…. Much Love!!   xoxoxoxoxo


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