So the past few days… the conversation of ‘sin’ has come across my ‘thought screen’. There was a conversation with a friend of mine… I was explaining this beLIEf (in the horizontal), that I can or any body can be a ‘sinner’. She thought that I was more affected by it because I was ‘born into a religion’.

And My Mind went on a Journey with all of this… Sin Is…. And yes, my personal religion of birth was the first one to ‘force this issue’… In ‘my religion’… babies are baptized… ‘given to god’ as soon as they are born… if not… they will not get to heaven…

Be Cause I Keep Judging themOmg… this just Mushroomed as a concept. I look at the horizontal world… it is all based on ‘sin’.. avoiding it, judging it, lying about it, fearing it, getting angry at it.…

If I make an judgment about any body… from hitler (as if he is one of the more judged individuals through out /my’ view of history)… on down… To my neighbor that has a ‘barking dog’ that I don’t like… it is all a judgment of ‘sinner’. And these ‘thoughts’ just keep me ‘sick’!

I look at our governments and laws… all laws of the horizontal are based on ‘sin’. If you ‘sin’, they will come after you. In the world of the ‘judicial system’… Sin Is. That is the foundation of our ‘political an judicial thinking’.

images-39I remember reading of a practice in the Maasai tribe of east Africa. If some body is found ‘doing something unkind’… they LOVE THEM… A lot…

How different is ‘our advanced culture’, I was taught to ‘blame’ first… Love later… (if possible)… ‘forgive not forget’ mentality…

What if the sentencing from our judicial systems would dole out ‘Love’… for both the apparent ‘attackers’ and ‘victims’… for they are both involved in the same story line… Both are Needing the same Gift… Love… for that is the only reason I keep playing out these ‘abusive practices’….to get Love…

Now acim allows me to See that I Am Love… so this practice of ‘judging’ is loosing its’ ‘charm’….I am so tired of hurting my self.

So for now… I See My Self as Sinless… and with this Truth… I am unable to See anything that is done as ‘wrong’… only an expression of feeling ‘unloved’…. For which ‘my sentence’,  is to LOVE…. A LOT…

So for this moment… I am so Hugging My Self… which is the same as Hugging YOU… A LOT… Have a Fabulous Day!! xoxox





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