Psycho Therapy … This Is all there is….

There is an ‘entire’ section in acim referred to as the ‘Psychotherapy Supplement’.  This section is for ALL of us… not just ‘Psychos’ and ‘Therapists’!  lol…

images-11‘Any person’ that ‘attempts’ to ‘alter a form or mind’ is a ‘therapist’.   So according to acim… we are all ‘therapists’…

AND ALL HEALING occurs in mind (psycho), so when reading the ‘psychotherapy pamphlet’…this is the ‘technique’ returning Us to the Happy Dream.

“1. Psychotherapy is a process that changes the view of the self.” acim

In acim, ‘we’ (ego) are attempting to always make the ‘unreal’ ‘appear real’. And as a ‘former person that attempted to ‘fix’ folks’, in the illusion, (as a chiropractor and no ‘Literal’ understanding of acim, hence, no ‘real’ knowledge of the Truth)…’I’, ‘Validated people’s pain All the time’.  So I currently do not go there when working with others… (lol)

I take acim very ‘literally’, so when discussing ‘any symptoms’…I have to have a Whole New Way of “Thinking”…so…now to look at a ‘helping’ profession with ‘Literal acim Eyes’.

images-12Early on… in this inquiry… I KNEW that I was working in a profession that was ‘bent’ on proving God wrong. Bodies Needed to Be ‘adjusted’… headaches and low back pain always had a ‘reason’… all body pain was real…AND ‘I’ had official training and a piece of ‘paper’ that ‘qualified me’ to ‘fix’ these things, keep them ‘real’, while getting ‘paid’!. LOLOLOL


A ‘literal understanding of acim’, changes NOTHING in whatever You  (I) are ‘doing’… just ‘our’ Honest Clearing With God, to ‘Seeing fear’… because ALL of ‘it’ is MINE to CLEAR WITH GOD!  And All ‘apparent’ pain is fear.

In the Horizontal… in a land far,far, away..(lolo)…I would put my ‘beLIEf’ in my ‘Chiropractic Skills’… in essence telling God… “I Have this handled”…. And I Know how this ‘control thing’ works in other areas of my life…(not so well)…

So I wanted to address this ‘blog’, to those still operating in a ‘fix it’ world (all of ‘us’), WHILE HOLDING TRUTH. Here is the Master Teacher’s take on all ‘treatments’ that ‘we get’ and the ‘therapists’ doing the ‘treatments’… it starts by saying, ‘we are confirming ‘our’ ‘death process’…lololol… just little … and re member… this is for ALL of us… LOLOLOLOLO

To all so-called therapists:

You are confirming your death process by the specific application of your limited mind construct. If all opinions you have about yourself are false, and I assure you they are, why do you give more credence to some of them than others? Once and for all, Teachers of God, the opinions you have about yourself, or your teachings, have no validity. It is time you accepted the certainty that Truth has nothing to do with your idea about it. All of your thoughts are unreasonable because your idea about yourself is unreasonable. You will never succeed in making the unreal real.

You have become in your self-consciousness a big bundle of irresolution. These unresolved dilemmas keep cropping up to hurt you. They form the basis for all the defense mechanisms you have constructed as barriers to Truth. They all stem from a basis of fundamental denial of your own singular reality.

images-51The notion of the absolute reality of a single Truth or Universal Consciousness is not in any way therapeutic to mankind. How ridiculous the notion that discovering the Truth is therapeutic to limited consciousness. It is just the opposite. If you insist on defining yourself as a therapist, remember that all disease is one singular unreasonable thought, and there is no thought outside of your own.

So this is where I found my self… in a ‘profession’ that was ‘designed to fix stuff’, as well as the ‘singular unreasonable thought’ of ‘cancer’… my ‘way of seeing’ was KILLING ME.

I was keeping my self ‘blind and delusional’… as I was buying into ‘my beLIEf’ of ‘pain and dysfunction’… ‘my beLIEf in cancer’, or ‘my beLIEf that ‘you’ can suffer from a headache’…. That you can ever ‘suffer’ from anything… unless ‘I choose to’… and this can ONLY be handled by changing ‘my’ mind.

So I met with an acim, acupuncturist friend of mine, Martha, … We talked about this at great length… about ‘the ramifications’ to this ‘line of thinking’… in ‘our horizontal’ chosen careers of ‘health care’… We discussed so MUCH.. and the ‘Truth’…Our biggest ‘fear’… was this… “Do ‘we’ have to give up our professions?”… and the Truth… We have to alter the way “We See”… we do not have to ‘give up professions’

We need to Clear ‘our fear’, With God… and Hold those that we ‘Join” with as Whole and Complete and Not Broken in Any Way… and there are ‘No exceptions to this’.

I would Love to Offer to ‘other health care people’ in the horizontal… a Skype Call.  ‘We’ have an ‘existing’ Skype meeting on Monday nights at 5pm (Mountain).   We have been discussing ‘providing care through Truth in a ‘fix it’ world’,  being Commited to A Course in Miracles as Literal.

If you are interested in Joining, Leave a comment here or Private Message Me on Facebook… ‘ I’ Am open to ‘other’ times/skype calls as well…and we will SHARE meeting information. There is no charge for this… it is a ‘public service’ from God…

Big Hug… and Giant Kiss to All Psycho/Therapists…. xoxoxo


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