The Power of ‘Thought’

I Just LOVE the Urtext… ‘the notes’ contain all these little Jewels, from Jesus to Bill and Helen. And I Will Say… This is the level of ‘conversation’ that Holy Spirit Wants For All of US…. Just ‘me’ needs to be Willing to Hear the Truth…

images-286So here is a little advice from Jesus regarding the ‘Power of Thought’….


“The truth is that there ARE no “idle thoughts”. ALL thinking produces form at some level. The reason why people are afraid of ESP(Extrasensory Perception), and so often react against it, is because they KNOW that thought can hurt them. Their own thoughts have made them vulnerable.

You and B.(Bill), who complain all the time about fear, still persist in creating it most of the time. I told you last time that you cannot ask ME to release you from it, because I KNOW it does not exist. YOU don’t. If I merely intervene between your thoughts and their results, I would be tampering with a basic law of cause and effect, in fact the most fundamental one there is in this world.

I would hardly help if I depreciated the power of your own thinking. This would be in direct opposition to the purpose of this course.”  

 Acim Correction for Lack of Love


Give Cause is to Receive EffectAs with the fact that we have two minds… God’s and ego (small fear full mind)… we also have TWO ‘cause and effects’… The Cause and Effect from God is Only Love…

The cause and effect of ego is actually a ‘delusion’ that resulted from the ‘separation from God’…. All ‘cause and effect’ from ego results in fear. No Exceptions.

So when we ‘scare ourselves’… (lol)… The Only Correction is to ‘Ask Holy Spirit… Where am I blocking ‘My’ Light?’…

The ONLY TRUE ‘CAUSE’ is God… The Only True ‘Cause’ is LOVE. The many ‘cause and effects of the ‘horizontal’ are the result of ‘me’ feeling alone and separate… I ‘think’ thoughts of ‘alone and separate’. I create ‘false ‘cause and effects’…

We are using our ‘conscious’ mind about 15% of the time. This ‘conscious mind’ is split between, what I know… and what I know I don’t know. The other 85% lys ‘unconscious’… That part of ‘our mind’, that holds be LIEfs. This wedge of the pie is what ‘I do not know… what I do not know’…And these 85% unconscious be LIEfs are ‘running the show’… As We practice our ‘skill’ of ‘unblocking our selves from our ‘unconscious’ be LIEfs… We Get Closer to Our True Birth Right… ‘I” am Love. Period… and No Exceptions….

“Am I Happy?”… here is my ‘litmus’ test for any of my ‘projected’ story lines. If I find my self not happy or ‘suffering’ in any way… I am be LIEving in ‘separation’… and God cannot help me out of my thoughts… UNLESS… I am Willing to See ‘things’ differently.

And this is an actual ‘request’ of Jesus… With Willingness… to See what ‘be lief’ is ‘causing’ me ‘to not be happy’… This will allow be LIEfs from our 85% ‘unconscious’ mind… to ‘surface’, and Cleared With Love. This ‘be LIEf’ is now ‘concious’ and can cause ‘fear’ no more. For ‘I See’ the ‘insanity of the thought’…

As I ‘surface’ unconscious be LIEfs With God… I forgive my self for ‘be LIEving’ them… and the ‘world immediately ‘occurs’ differently. And With it… I am Happy and Joyous for No Apparent Reason!!

Much Love!!! xoxox






2 thoughts on “The Power of ‘Thought’

    • Just think of the ’cause and effect’ in the horizontal… all fearful mind… The Cause and Effect that resulted in Jesus Resurrecting…well… not the same cause and effect… Jesus…. was not ‘blaming’ anybody… His Cause and Effect Were the same…. LOVE period… It was at this level of ‘my understanding’ that I was finally able to get rid of all my ‘medical texts’… LOLOLOL… Just ‘my path’…Big Hug Theresa!!!!

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