Three Legged Dogs … some lessons

Many of my ‘special’ relationships have been with animals.  I chuckle to ‘my self’… when I could not figure ‘people’ out… I turned to projecting the ‘same issues’… on animals… I could Love them so much ‘easier’ than ‘some folks’…. lololol

Animals have been my ‘training ground’ for learning to ‘love’ ‘me’. Through out the years… I have taken in Many ‘wounded’ animals…one eyed horses to three legged dogs. The Lesson for ‘me’, ‘Healing my ‘wounded (suffering) soul’… The Clearing is to Just LOVE ALL… without, ‘feeling sorry for’…

Pup2So I find my self Clearing one of these projections. A three legged dog named Chester.

Now understand… Chester Never Once Saw Him Self as a ‘three Legged Dog’, ‘four legged dog’ or as  capable of ‘suffering’.

AND… These are all my projections to See and Clear With God.   For the ‘Truth’… I saw my self as ‘wounded’ with an amazing ability to ‘handle life’… just like ‘my animal companions’. (LOL)

So my recent ‘projection’ and subsequent ‘lesson’… Seeing Chester appear to ‘slip’ out of this horizontal… by ‘appearing old’… and ‘my beLIEf’ in death getting way too much ‘time’ in ‘my mind’.

How this plays out for ‘me’… I ‘see’ Chester, and ‘think’… ‘poor Chester’… and this is how All the ‘thoughts’ of suffering start for me lately!  Lololol…

This is My Red Flag… GOD… intervene in this ‘poor Chester’ stuff… There is Nothing to feel sorry for here…. NO THING… I Am Love…Chester is ‘my projection’… so he is just Love…

In the Life ‘I’ am currently Choosing to Live… I am Seeing All With Love Only. God does not See grief. Grief really is just another ‘ego idea’…

So I find my self… CLEARING With God a lot. HS, Help Me See this Completely Differently.

And Each time I am able to SEE… my Only choice is to:  suffer or Love. My Choice… Choose… so I choose to See With God. Immediately I am Surrounded by the Joy Chester brings me. I tell ‘my self’… stay here….

And several moments later… I am in a ‘suffering’ thought string of stuff like this…“I will miss him deeply’, ‘I don’t want him to leave’, ‘my heart is breaking’… then I Switch to God, again…

Holy Spirit… Help Me See this Differently!!!

And I move into the ‘real issues’…’my’ beLIEfs start surfacing… like… “I don’t want to be left alone’, ‘Death is ‘final’, ‘my heart can be broken’, ‘grief is necessary to heal a loss’… wow… the Clearing has been Profound…

Once I have been able to get by the ‘ego suffering’… I was able to SEE ‘my beLIEfs’, that kept ‘me’ suffering. Then I just take all these silly small ‘beLIEf’ ideas to God… and See all of These Differently… I FORGIVE ‘myself’ for ‘thinking’ and ‘beLIEving’ these ‘suffering thoughts’…

And this is where they just appear to “disappear into a puff of nothing” (acim).

This Process ‘does appear to take time’… for I do not Completely Trust God. My Clearings are the various ‘fears’ that keep me separate from only Love.

As I Continue to Clear ‘my stuff’… I am able to just Stay in Love With Chester… AND Stay in Love With You… Stay in Love…Period… And THAT… is a Miracle.

Lesson 249 tells us…. ”

“Forgiveness paints a picture of a world where suffering is over, loss becomes impossible and anger makes no sense. Attack is gone, and madness has an end. What suffering is now conceivable? What loss can be sustained? The world becomes a place of joy, abundance, charity and endless giving. It is now so like to Heaven that it quickly is transformed into the Light that it reflects. And so the journey which the Son of God began has ended in the Light from Which he came.”

images-22(and this is not some ‘future dream’… this is the TRUTH right now if I Am Willing!!!)

Big Hug to All My Human and Animal Projections… Blessed Be to All… and a Gigantic Scratch behind the ears…

I Love All… and this ‘correction’ is All Ways available to Me… Thank God!!!!





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