All ‘feelings’ are a Choice!!

There is a ‘script’, I am ‘playing’ out… It involves REALLY… Seeing that All Feelings are just a Choice. And I find my self ‘Learning’ this lesson with the emotion of ‘grief’… yes… this is just a Choice.

My script includes ‘animals’… and sometimes… they apparently grow ‘old’ and ‘die’. SO… my ‘lesson’ in this script… “Do I want to be sad and suffer?”… “Can I Hold the Light of God… The Joy of Eternal Life… THE LOVE of the apparent World…AND ‘see a loved one apparently pass’…?”


And here is how it occurs ‘in mind’…I start thinking something like, ‘poor Chester (the dog of which I speak)’… or ‘Chester is getting so weak’… simple ‘thoughts’ like this… and then behind this ‘simple’ thought is a “Fucking FREIGHT TRAIN” of ‘thoughts’ to VALIDATE how Sad I Am…

Wow… I can not tell you the Power of realizing… I do not Choose Suffering through ‘grief’… (or any thing else…  and this particular lesson is training Me to Love With Out Grief)….

So I gaze upon My Friend Chester. A truly ‘special’ relationship… that I am Moving to Holy. I Will Not Grieve What is Holy. I ‘do and have’ ‘grieved’ what is ‘special’… (go ahead and read this One several times…there is a Major Key to JOY in ALL relationships on the apparent planet in this ONE idea!!!!!)(LOL)

So My current ‘training’ , when I ‘think’ Chester in anything but LOVE… I IMMEDIATELY go to God to See this silly ‘unloving’ thought differently… Through God’s Eyes… and the Power of ‘this apparent skill’ is UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE. LOLOLOLOLO

And it is a Skill in ‘retraining’ the mind to do Everything. So everytime I ‘haul’ my mind back to God… before allowing the Freight Train of ‘icky thoughts’ to start ‘cycling’ around… I am back in GodLand… Just Loving Chester… As I ‘pet’ him… I am noticing the ‘softness’ of his fur… I do Not Go to ‘thoughts’ like… ‘this ‘body part’ looks like it hurts’… I do NOT GO THERE… This is what Healing the Mind looks like on the ‘ground’… or ‘ in the dream’…LOLOLO

And with this ‘un-working’ my ‘thoughts’… I Get on Such a DEEP Level… Death Is Totally Impossible.

And perhaps that would be better left for another ‘juicy’ action packed acim blog of “Thinking Our Selves back to God”…

In Joy All… nothing else appears to be needed here… xoxoxox






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