Celebration Event… and if you can’t make it ‘in form’… Celebrate Some Thing… xox

A ‘Live’ ACIM Performance can be Viewed at Celebration, Sunday March 13th,  !!!! YEAH!!!!


One that Brought ACIM to Santa Fe New Mexico… Thank You Mary Lou…

If in the ‘area’… Join Us at Celebration… for music, singing… Joining… and ‘I’,(calico),  will be SHARING. Not really sure of the topic yet… and it will ‘most definitely’… contain a ‘story or two’ that ‘relates’ to ‘the process’ of acim… of Using ‘Our Mind’ to Heal.

And as I In Joy Saying… This is a ‘process’… not about ‘understanding’ it… this is about ‘Practice, Practice, Practice’… as my mom always said… and She Ultimately All Ways Spoke Truth… “Practice Makes Perfect”…

I Share from ‘the application’ of the ‘principles described in the acim text’. I do not ‘understand them’… and I am Living them with Every ‘little projection’ ‘I’ make… what a Game! (and ‘I’ ‘thought’ ‘monopoly’ was the longest ‘game’ ‘I’ ever played!)

So Meet Us at Celebration! Sunday, March 13, 10:30am (for those in Santa Fe… this also is ‘daylight savings’… silly ‘ritual’… and for ‘my Clearing, it is better to ride the horse in the direction it is going’!…

images-46So…. SEE You at Celebration! ‘Big Hugs’ Available ‘with calico’ … xox

We meet at the National Education Association building located at 2007 Botulph Road.

Directions:  From St. Michaels Drive turn South on Botulph Road (opposite the hospital and just East of St. Francis drive). Turn left at the first driveway, where you see the “NEA” sign on the building. Park around back and enter the auditorium from the courtyard.



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