Love All … period… Hallelujah…

God_is_love“You are what you value. 
Your reality is established by the things you cherish. 
How strange this high Truth: You finally always lose the things you 
cherish most because you cherish them just in order to lose them. 
In such a manner do you cherish death, and sustain its reality. 
You slay the things you love from fear of love’s return. 
As long as you cherish mortality you will remain mortal. 
How could the mortal know of immortality? 
There is no source for mortality. It has no meaning.”   Master Teacher

Ok… woke this am to thoughts of the MT… and in my email… popped this One… Amazing how quickly ‘things manifest’ With God…

“cherishing death” as a ‘beloved’… wow… ‘slay that which you love Most’… for ‘fear of Love Being Returned’… ok… I just Breathed In To This One… Really Went With It to God… Here in this paragraph is the entire Truth and the ‘reason for the separation’… We ‘worship’ death over LOVE. We can Never Serve Two Masters… Death and Love cannot coexist.

Holy Spirit, Show Me the Ways I ‘slay that which I Love’… Help me See this differently!

Holy Spirit, Show Me the Ways I ‘cherish death’, above Being Love as an extension of You. Together (‘I’ With You) Only Extending Love. And ‘I’ Fearing Receiving it… Help me See this differently! …

Ok… well… it definitely is time for a cup of coffee… and I am ‘thinking’… More Will Be Revealed….

Have a Fabulous Moment! (and if you are still needing ‘time’ to ‘practice’… put ‘a lot of images-64moments of Fabulous together today’!!! Big Hug ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL elujah…. Lol… xox

To Join ‘Me” in song… go here…




2 thoughts on “Love All … period… Hallelujah…

  1. Calico, I laughed at your choice of song in Leonard Cohen’s version of Hallelujah. The lyrics are so obscure, I always chuckle at how the verses seem to have no connection ti the lovely chorus. Tied to a chair? Giving it all the meaning it has. To me, its a great case of not-God, but the melody is so beautiful. No loss. Its all in a dream! Btw, I got up today and was inspired to open, All is Forgiven by Paul West. Read the chapter on Letting Go as well as Surrender. Really felt happy after reading. Chased my anxiety away…swoosh! Yay!

    Blessings to you!

    Triskana. 🌸🌸


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