3 Legged Dogs and Resurrections

Chester, age 12There are some ‘interesting projections’ around ‘projected forms’, in this moment…that are Opening My Eyes!!!

I have two dogs. Chester, age 18, and Oakly age 13. Chester has three legs and has Never Seen Himself ‘differently abled’ in any way. My projection agreed with ‘his take’… until…he got ‘old’ (‘my’ beLIEf)…. and acim is Clear… NO EXCEPTIONS…

Now ‘my beLIEf’ system is ‘wired’ from ‘victim thinking’… and I have been ‘playing and Clearing with Holy Spirit, my ‘seeing ‘any’ as a victim’… and asking God to Help Me See any ‘victim’ thinking Differently.

With a ‘stubborn’ beLIEf in aging…. I have ‘seen’ with ‘my victim eyes’… my dogs age… particularly Chester. I am starting to SEE that ‘I’ have always held ‘an unconscious’..(now conscious) beLIEf… that ‘he was more vulnerable’ be cause… he had this major trauma (past story) resulting in three legs.

During the past couple of years… many of ‘my thoughts’ around Chester start out with ‘poor Chester’… identifying ‘him’ with ‘my story of ‘his’ trauma’…. I have been catching all of these thoughts and asking God to Help Me See Differently.

I have also been asking God… to Help Me See Chester and his body completely differently. In the past several years… I have projected some ‘icky’ things on ‘poor Chester’ (lol)… I refer to him… tongue in cheek… as a ‘hopping orthopedic question mark’… His stability, ‘in the horizontal’ (not GOD’s)… is ‘fragile’… and very ‘victim’ thinking…

So this Process has taken me into some ‘dark corners of my thinking’… Clearing them and back to just ‘Loving Chester for who he is and who he is not’…

After Considerable ‘consternation’… (ego constipation)…(LOLO)… I took Chester in to put him down a couple of moments ago.  ‘my story’… his hips are ‘bad’… His Shoulder gives out..can’t hold bowels … ‘thought’ ‘i’ ‘should’ ‘do’ something'(LOLOL)… And All of this is NOT GOD.

‘Friends of Chester’ had come by to say good bye… sitting on the porch as Chester and I drove off… At the vets.. all the techs started feeding him ‘treats’… he is in a ‘frenzy around food’…  well a long story short… ‘Every body’ decided he wasn’t ready to go”…

So I drove home… with Chester sitting in the back seat…  to the same group of folks sitting on the porch… the ones that had just said ‘Good Bye’… it was a day ‘filled with lessons’… and ‘Resurrections’… and it Always ends with a ‘giggles’, if ‘i’ let it… All is Good, as God is…

So for now… my projection is of a012 ‘dog’ that is not apparently ready to die… and this ‘dog’ lives with a ‘woman’, also is not apparently ready to ‘die’… My Projection is Perfect…

I Join All in God’s Loving Mind!!!!! Whooo Hooo and Hop On!!!









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