Time through God’s Eyes

images-35In the horizontal, ‘we’ hold ‘death’… as ‘the end of ‘this’ story’… The Truth… ‘we’ are LOVE only!  God Knows ‘nothing’ of ‘stories’ or ‘death’. ‘Time’ is Only Necessary to ‘TRUST GOD’… AND ‘Trusting the beLIEf in Death’… well… let ‘me’ just say… ‘No ‘Happy’ in ‘my idea’ of ‘death’!’..(LOLOLOLO)

‘Death’ is ‘the ending’ of a ‘victim ‘thinking” mentality...

Acim is ‘showing us’, a Whole Other way to ‘source thoughts.  From Love.  And it is Impossible to have a ‘loving’ and a ‘victim’ thought at the same time.  I have attempted ‘to do’ this many times… Trust ‘me’… it is ‘Impossible’.

From my own ‘personal arsenal of thoughts’… here is an example of attempting to ‘hold these two thoughts’ at the same time…
“”Fill in the blank of a person ‘I Love’ in the horizontal and would like ‘them to change’…(LOLO) ‘I’ would feel better if you changed your diet’ (‘desire’ to change ‘form’ for any reason= ego)…. Does this ‘feel’ familiar?…

This is Massive Separation from God… (LOLOL)….and the only ‘correction’ needed…Ask God ‘To SEE’, see where I have a ‘beLIEf’ that is blocking Me from Only Seeing Light… Only Seeing Love…

Then, with God, I can ‘Hold My Mind Vertical With Love’ and this can only happen in the NOW.

This sequays perfectly into many other ‘EGG BRAIN MOMENTS… with the topic of ‘Time’, as seen through the ‘beLIEf’ in ‘time’…And Before I go on… Thank You Master Echart!… The Power of Now… a book devoted to ‘getting us present’. AND… ACIM is ALL about ‘getting us present’… ! For when I am in the ‘present moment’…there is no past or future… ‘time’ ceases.

The ‘core’ beLIEf in the horizontal is ‘time’. And acim is all about ‘dismantling time’.

So where I am ‘finding ‘my self’’ in ‘a story called cancer’… I suffered as long as I was asking questions about the past… all the silliness of asking questions like… ‘where did I get cancer?’…’How did this happen’… ‘Why did this happen’… ‘How do I ‘fix’ this (future based thought)? (alternative or allopathic…ALL Horizontal!)’… all linear questions based on a past ‘desiring’ a ‘future’. (LOL)..

Having Seen the path of Awakening is ‘through’ my story… AND ‘Desiring With God to ‘not seeing’ it as a linear past and future story’. Not ‘allowing my self to beLIEve ‘i can suffer’ from anything’.  Suffering needs a past and future. Suffering NEEDS TIME… as ‘my story’ of ‘cancer’ is ALL about past/future.

The future did not hold a lot of ‘good outcomes’ from a moment in ‘my story’ of ‘Hospice’… which it turns out was The Best ‘thing’ I have ever ‘thought’ up!!! … During Hospice, I gave up on ‘health care’, “FINALLY”… and it so turns out… they put me in hospice when ‘they gave up on me’… Which Was My Goal… (wow…this typo is so True)  and I was typing…… Gold Mine…. Seeing ‘my conflict’ as access through a ‘slip’ in time. Seeing ‘cancer’ as the Ultimate Lotto Winning.

SO…With a SHIT LOAD of ‘forgiving my self’… as this is a process of going ‘Within With God’ and Releasing Fear…. (Accepting Atonement…. Another blog!))

I am now Seeing… Time is only to ‘practice forgiveness’. The acim text tell us.. time is only Necessary to Trust God Above All Else!!! (no exceptions)…forgive…forgive….forgive…forgive… (‘my self’ for All of it.)..and  I find I start Loving All !!! For No apparent reason ….

Big One Hug!! Xox




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