Monastery Diaries – Two

Unknown-1This place is Sacred. For all that want to hear the voice of God, this is a place for You. I have been here a few moments now and I am So Filled With Light and Joy. And this comes after Clearing with God during the two ‘expression sessions’ each day. Any thought that holds back love… any judgment that prevents me from Hearing the Love that is… I Share… We Share… A lot of Sharing!

Now this is also a place for ‘silence’… except when directed by God… there is enough conversation to allay any fear for those of a ‘personal silent retreat’. AND… as I have been gently guided on a couple of occasions… Go IN. ‘Conversation’ is a part of my ‘avoidance’… (I am Irish… I talk, both beLIEfs)… AND… I am so grateful for the ‘gentle reminders’… to go to God. God will never ‘talk over me’. I must allow for silence.

During ‘my story line’… there were many moments that I volunteered with an organization called the Landmark Forum. It was extraordinary training in ‘integrity’… Being Your Word. I volunteered a lot as I saw the benefit of the ‘training’ I received.

There was one volunteer position that was hands down… the BEST. ‘Forum Leader Support’. When a Forum was put on in our community, there was one person that was deemed… ‘Forum Leader Support’… All needs of the Forum Leader were to be provided… no matter what. Well, I remember the first support day… I was taking breakfast to my Forum Leader. She wanted it at 6am. I knocked on the door at 5:55am. She answered it… and said… “I said, 6am.”… and shut the door. lolo… I learned to not take things personally.. and do what was asked.

I really got… ‘the power of my word’… where do I wiggle out of ‘doing it as requested… where do I cut corners… where am I making up my own program.

So Being here at the Monastery With God… reminds me of that with the exception, I am Support for God… Where am I ‘thinking’ my own plan? … Where am I not Joining in Love with others? Where am I not directing my Mind to God?

Powerfull Trainning… if I want it. And the expression sessions are Clearing opportunities to ‘remove thoughts that do not serve God’… That Block God … Block the Love I so desperately Desire.  As my God Buddy, Mary, said… “I see my self in every Share’… The Clearings are palpable. We often go from ‘sobbing’ to ‘peals of Laughter’. For the Clearings occur with Speed of light swiftness. And as soon as ‘our error’ is Seen… We get the Giggles… Why would we ever ‘choose to separate from Love’?’… Why would we ever Choose Fear?… Only an insane person would do so… and the giggle is… ‘I am the insane person when I choose to separate from God. And the ‘separations’ become very apparent when Joining with others that are Committed to removing these blocks and Hearing God.Unknown

So I invite all fellow ‘Truth (Love) (God) Seekers’ to perhaps put God First. If a ‘retreat’ is out of the question, perhaps today… See ‘one’ thought, that doesn’t support Love and choose again.

Another Blessed Day begins at the Living Miracles Monestary. Join Me in ‘turning a mind’ over to God.. Seeing the only thing to fear is my ‘thinking’… Much Love and a ‘Namaste’… xoxox