Monastery Diaries… One

imagesAbout two weeks ago… I was ‘hit’ with an idea of going to an acim monastery… to just Be With God… I am currently sitting in my room at the Living Miracles Monastery in Duchesne, Utah. (pronounced Do SHANE… not as I did too many times… do chez Knee…folks had no idea of what I was saying… loll)   As soon as I committed to going… … The lessons lined up as I prepared to leave… all ‘special relationships’ that were calling me to attend to Them First… then think about God. I was not going to place God second to any delusion…

As With Commitments… when I make them… all the ‘stuff’ that stands in the way of that Commitment… Come out… often with Full Force… This time was no different.

The cliff note version of some of these ‘concerns’, I was wanting to place above God… “not enough money’, ‘old car won’t make it’, ’17 year old dog dying’, ‘fatigue’, ‘no house/dog sitter’, ‘’I can do the same thing here as go to Utah’…and ‘Shame’ around leaving an old dog friend apparently dying… that may very well be gone when I get back… God Comes First before All My Projections.

I took all of these to God… and Doors Opened.

I am currently sitting at the Monestary… all those fears behind me… and Miracles are just lining up….

One that is Very Noteable… My friend, Mary Thompson lives in Iowa. I live in New Mexico. We were ‘chatting’ a few months ago that We Wanted to See Each other in Person. We have been fb friends for a while…Given at the time I was believing I had an old car and I was too tired to ‘drive… well… we both just put ‘our desire’ on the alter. AND GUESS WHAT… God Was Listening!!! Lolololol

Turns out… Mary decided to go to this monestary also… Unbeknownst to me… She scheduled the same two weeks I did!!!!!!!!!! I am still in Shock at how Fast Creation can happen when I turn it over to God… and NOT JUST AS A METAPHOR!

Every time I ‘thought’… ‘I can’t leave… Chester is dying’… I Went Immediately to God to ‘unwind’ the thought… and to See it through Love Only…

Every Time I thought… ‘My car has 145,000 miles on it, it will break down’… I went Immediately to God… Help Me See this Car as My Hero incapable of ‘breaking down’… and it hummed all the way to Utah! AND if it had ‘broken down’… other ‘miracles’ would have shown up!

So, the game for this couple of weeks… to let go of any ideas I had in coming here. Lesson 183 comes to Mind…

I will be still a moment and go home This Child (my God Mind) needs your protection. He is far from home. He is so little that He seems so easily shut out, His tiny Voice so readily obscured, His calls for help almost unheard amid the grating sounds and harsh and rasping noises of the world. (‘my ideas’ of what this trip is all about)…

So for now… I put away ‘my ideas’… as they will only serve to separate… For Now… I will be still a moment and go Home… YaHooo! And Amen!!!





1 thought on “Monastery Diaries… One

  1. So happy for you Calico. You had mentioned that you wanted to do this and here you are. I have been feeling a strong pull towards connecting with you and wrote to you twice. Had a feeling you were off somewhere and love hearing your friend Mary is there too. Such an amazing manifestation of listening and acting. Awesome!!! I look forward to connecting with you when you are at home again and hearing about your journey. Jumping up and down with joy!!! Love you!


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