A Monastery Caveat …

Having just arrived back in Santa Fe after only two weeks… Joining… at the Living Miracles Monastery. I will be posting 10 or so blogs daily on this experience. I just have this one caveat… This is ‘My’ Experience. My Experience of Waking Up as ‘outlined’ in A Course in Miracles.

All I can say is the Power of Joining placed my Living a Course in Miracles on ‘Full Steroid Boogie in the VERTICAL’… WOW… Carlos … f—king…Calico Castenada!!!! Lolololo

Now the blogs I will be posting… are not meant to disturb… and It was at times a ‘disturbing experience’… Many tears shed… Many PEALES of Joy… It was All Good… All in the Unwinding.

My Mightie Companions on this voyage… were of Strong Heart!… And I KNEW IT!!!… Holy Spirit Always Handles the ‘Heavy Work’…

So I Share with you ‘a process’… a ‘story’ in Living a Course in Miracles… For the next ten days… I will be posting a blog from this experience…

And Lastly… if there are any reading this… finding they are ‘suffering’… Do Your Self a FAVOR… Sign up for a Personal Retreat at the Living Miracles Monastery in Duchesne, Utah. You Will Be Guided Through a Process of Your Own Mind.

Join Us. For I Seem ‘to Hear’, I might be spending the rest of the summer up there… God is so in Charge. AND I Get the Power of Joining With Those Holding the Light!!

Much Love All… and starting Tomorrow or the next day… I will be posting my initial two week stay Experience With HEARING GOD ALL THE TIME… Hearing Holy Spirit All the Time… and HS is Really Chatty… and the fun stuff that happens when in a room of Other Open Hearts… omg… Buckle Up and In Joy the Show!!!

images-3 images-1 13528931_10154278931122905_1839200268266574077_nBig Hug from a Living Miracle!



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