Monastery Diary- Nine – Saying Yes to Life

At the monestary… during the expression sessions… we place on the alter… all that stands in the way of Peace. All ‘thoughts’ that are not Loving and Peacefull. All Desires. So yesterday… knowing my two week stay at the Monestary was coming to a close… I wanted to Bring It All ON… No ‘thoughts that block’… I put it on the alter yesterday morning… Knowing I would be shown. Holy Spirit… Bring up Anything that Blocks the Light of God being extended Through Me!!! Anything that blocks the Love that All is.

Even as I said these words, I ‘thought’… “Now you have done it… there is no going back… You are Committed to God…”… period.

What I KNOW about commitments is this… Stating a Commitment is like a ‘set up’… Everything that stands in the way of that Commitment Being Honored Will Come Up. Every Block that prevents that commitment from being Experienced will be ‘experienced’ so that I can Clear it With God.

So I was aware… I was putting it on the Alter here at the Monestary… My Mightie Companions Joined With Me and God… to full fill on this Promise… The Peace of God Above All Else no exceptions… EVER. And My Commitment pointed me in the direction of Seeing blocks to my full filling on this promise.

As opposed to my ‘Hippocratic’ Vow… to do no harm… This Vow was very different… a Vow to Love. The Only Truth. A Vow to Extend Light and Love to All… no exceptions. A Vow to use my self as a Light House… to show others the path through the ‘tricky thickets of ‘our stories’.

As I was leaving the Monestary to go to Santa Fe to tie up loose ends… driving With God and Inspiration…

I passed a ‘dead bunny in the road’…

And I so saw how ‘bunny gazing’, as with everything, can be projected with a dark side…and it is My moment to Choose… the TRUTH…

and as I ‘thought of the dead bunny vs the bunny gazing… I so saw them as the same… Neutral… and only me to ‘put a perception to it’… So as with my perception of ‘rubber chickens’…

I Laughed… I so Laughed With God…

‘I’ have no need for ‘dead bunnies’…13245300_585625921614987_552734941837464825_n-1

or ‘fat suffering bodies’, ‘angry men’, or ‘waring continents’ .…

‘My desire to Awake’ is more powerful than ‘any fear’ I might still harbor….

or as a lesson with particular insight for me right now….


Lesson 131 – No-one can fail who asks to reach the truth

“Heaven remains your one alternative to this strange world you made and all its ways; its shifting patterns and uncertain goals, its painful pleasures and its tragic joys. God made no contradictions. What denies its own existence and attacks itself is not of Him. He did not make two minds, with Heaven as the glad effect of one, and earth the other’s sorry outcome which is Heaven’s opposite in every way.

God does not suffer conflict. Nor is His creation split in two. How could it be His Son could be in hell when God Himself established him in Heaven? Could he lose what the Eternal Will has given him to be his home forever? Let us not try longer to impose an alien will upon His single purpose.”  (to Love All no exceptions)

And so for now… Aloha Living Miracles Monastery… This Living Miracle will, God Willing, Return Soon… Much Love.




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