The Last Yard Sale of ‘special items’…

Facing a Clearing for Holy (in acim, as differentiated from ‘special’) Love… My Move from Santa Fe… I have been here for 35 years… I have Loved being here for 35 years… and now it is time to move on.

Ok… so I committed to Join with Others on this path of Love… to Join ‘with apparent others’, Joined in Love and Clearing All Blocks to God (Love)… and as with commitments… I come face to face with that which would ‘stop me’ from moving to fulfill on My Commitment to ‘follow Love’.

One of the issues that has ‘stopped me in the past has been ‘my animals’… I have had many ‘animal travel companions’ in this life … they have ‘served me well’… ‘Animals’ always have been one of ‘my safety nets’… when ‘people appeared to fail’… ‘I had my animals’.

‘I’ Learned about ‘love’ from ‘my first projections of Love’, animals. I am Clear… ‘animals’ have been big teachers in ‘learning how to Love’… and Now…as with All teachers in the illusion… it is time for me to ‘move beyond’ ‘my special relationships’, ‘my teachers’.

My next path…to LOVE GOD: ‘From Within’….’Listening to Within’… Hearing the Voice for God, Within, above all other illusions (animals, people, gurus).

And I so See My Path… and for now… ‘special animals’ are not helpful… and I Need to be open to be ‘Helpful’ to God…I hear… ‘Come with empty hands’

So I continue to ‘move stuff on’… Trusting Holy Spirit will handle the heavy lifting. Mine is to Trust My Commitment… the Peace of God above All Else. No Exceptions.

Having no ‘future’‘identification’, I continue to go to God… faster now than ever before. ‘Living in the moment’ requires eternal Trust. Just keep getting from Holy Spirit, ‘just continue to lighten ‘the load’…come with empty hands’… ‘so I continue to purge’,… the Clearing of ‘calico’ continues…CpwBUiDUsAAEzNP

As I “Hug Hug Hug” all ‘thoughts of You, ‘my Special friends’… more is most certainly being revealed…

P.S. for those traveling through or are in the Santa Fe area… ‘My Last Yard Sale’ (the car 2001 VW Golf TDI (diesal) 140,000 is going also)… will be on Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 714 A Calle Grillo… I am passing on the last of the ‘special stuff’…loll…xox… and on to the ‘Miraculous Holy Present’…





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