Thank You!

My ‘sleep patterns’ are completely at the whim of Holy Spirit these days… It is currently 1am… and I woke wired for Sound. I call the early hours of the morning… Holy Spirit Time. It appears most of my writing occurs during these hours… I Hear Holy Spirit pretty Clearly… when I am quiet… when the world around me is quiet. Hence my ‘Gratitude for the Living Miracles Monastery’…

What I woke with this morning was such Immense GRATITUDE. I am going to send my favorite ‘Gratitude Song’ to all… and several will be tagged.

The Source of My Gratitude is Joining With Others really Holding the Truth… no matter what… no exceptions… My Sweet Angel Sista, Tamra Youngblood (in Utah) posted the other day, that She Awoke With the Omnipotent Sense of Awareness of ‘Her INNOCENSE’… She went on to describe her desire to ‘run around the monastery’, ‘Waking EveryOne,’ Screaming Her DeLIGHT!!! I so JOINED WITH HER… and tonight… I find My Self… wanting to ‘run around’ screaming With My DeLIGHT…. And yet…

I am about 3 weeks out from ‘being at’ the Monastery in Utah… prior to flying to Las Casas de Milagros in Lake Chapala, Mexico to stay for awhile (eternity…lolol).


And at this moment of ‘running with DeLIGHT… I am still in Santa Fe… apparently alone… and instead of ‘waking my Monastery Friends’… I am writing this note…

It is a Thank You Note… For All of You (and this is All of You)… How Delicious is this Mind Unwinding Process (acim)… and I am SO AWARE… of How impossible it is for me to Ever Be Alone… and that Expressing DeLIGHT is Never in Isolation. I Saw the Many Others that are on ‘this path’… of Joining in Love… no exceptions.

And I am so getting just what is ‘required’ for me to proceed on ‘this path of Forgiveness’… the ‘symbols’ shift from the pages of the ‘well read’ acim book… to ‘life Experience of this process’.

And all I can really say at this moment… since my two week Devotional in Utah… I Hear God so Clearly.   I Melt in My Innocence. I Join in Joy. I am All Ways With Magnificence (God)… unless I let my small fearfull mind take over.

These ‘fearfull thoughts’ usually start with some thought like… ‘What the fuck?’… lolol

This comes as I continue Clearing this ‘symbolic life’ called ‘calico’… there are many new ‘stories’ being birthed… as fast as I let go of the ‘old ones’… And this is all occurring with such speed.

I am So Blessed… and if you are following acim… the good News… because I can See My Self as Blessed…. YOU ARE BLESSED!!! Omg… really Living this is my current ‘drug of choice’… Thank You to All that have assisted me… and again I repeat… this is a letter for All that have ever Known or who will Know Me …. THANK YOU!


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