The only way to Fly… Jump with both Feet!

Ok… the Miracles that unfold at the Monastery are Plentiful.. and the reality… they don’t usually start off looking like a miracle… I have never jumped out of a plane… and I think 13256956_954347827995740_611849919_n that experience would be similar to that of a ‘Personal Devotion’ at the monastery.

I Find My Self Here… and I am not what I think… and I am exactly what I think… lolol… Jumping Tandem With God… As I Free Fall … God is there Just In Joying My Experience of Joining With God… Now this is all so possible outside of a monastery… I have done it for several years now… yet… within a community of Mightie Companions… it has a more ’celebratory feel’… rather than that of ‘terror’… ‘Jumping With God’… is not only encouraged… it is the Priority.

If during a devotional you are asked to do a ‘project’ that would assist in ‘extending Love’… an example… preparing or cleaning up from a meal… the priority is ‘are you ‘doing’ With Love. So while washing dishes or making coffee…. And a ‘feeling’ comes up… ‘the feeling’ is the PRIORITY… Take it to God Immediately… and if that looks like taking a walk and breathing instead of washing a dish… That ‘walk with God and a feeling’…. Takes precedence over the dish. (just inform the Steward you are leaving…lol… others may ‘want’ a clean dish with their meal…lol)

So My first few days as a ‘Community Member’ is marbled with the Joy of Being With Others Being With God… All Jumping tandem With God… Not having a clue how ‘to do’ d857b591db02d99cd214f8f59aa6f699this… and Trusting a process called A Course in Miracles.

I See All of us Making those Beautifull Link Ups in the sky with group sky divers… Joining Hands forming a dynamic Symbol of Love and Trust at God’s direction…

250218My Heart continues to Fill With Love… Joining With Angels… How Fun is this… Really!!! xoxox



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