The Happy Learner: to Buck or not to Buck, that is the Only Question!

They will be happy learners of the lesson which this light brings to them, because it teaches them release from nothing, and from all the works of nothing. The heavy chains which SEEM to bind them unto despair, they do NOT see as nothing, until YOU bring the light TO them. And THEN they see the chains have disappeared, and so they MUST have been nothing.” —ACIM

La Casa de Milagros has been of great benefit. The entire community is committed to waking up, above all else. For no body in their ‘ego’ horizontal mind’ would come here. Lolol… This is a space for the Awakening… Going Vertical! This only occurs by ‘owning my resistance’ to what is… Seeing it in other’s resistance to me and my resistance to them. And all of it, with my willingness will lead me closer to God… ALL OF IT.

We watched a movie … a movie I have seen several times before, and this time, I watched it with Holy Spirit. ‘Buck’… I use to call it a horse flick… and the truth… my guidance to See fucking everything differently. It was a movie about me.

There was much in the movie that ‘shifted me… Buck is an extraordinary horse trainer because of his huge compassion for horses AND people. They call him a ‘horse whisperer’, and I don’t care for the term. What he does is not ‘magical’ as the term implies. He has a LOVE for animals and people. Most horse trainers I have been around Love horses completely. Their love of humans varies. Lolol… I would put my past abilities with horses in this second category.

One piece in particular became my daily visual. It is a training technique he uses for images-16people. To allow them the ‘sense’ how a horse experiences his world. Buck holds a rope between two people. The ‘feel’ of the rope simulating the ‘guidance’ that can be expressed from a person to a horse.

This rope simulates non verbal communication. Holding on to one end of the rope while another holds the other end… when leading a horse, this is what it feels like. The world is shared to a horse with this rope. With tension on the rope, the world is scarey, and the horse resists, feeling the need to protect himself or defend. When the rope is relaxed and with gentle hands, the world to the horse is safe and gentle, no need to resist. The horse relaxes in one way, the horse resists in another.

Now to take this to the process that Jesus decribes in A course in Miracles (as everything can be described through a Course in Miracles… because it is about ‘everything’)(lol)… the rope is between me and God.

a055cec39dbcb18cf70fda7c12696444Now, as with horses, I pull back and oppose many things. Some of my lessons have been ‘fighting against war’, ‘fighting to make my body better’, ‘wishing I had more money’, ‘not wanting to deal with angry people’… and the list goes on…(lol…I am a person with many issues… many lessons)…

So this rope between me and God, me and seeing only Love. I would pull back from Love (God), “no you don’t understand, people are dying”… or … “whales are dying” … or “I would feel better if I lost weight”… ect… I was pulling back on this rope… untrained in the ways of Love, I thought I needed to resist something… a lot of things.

It is an example of the ‘rope’ between me and God. On One end is God, Love, and the other is me fighting for something. The Course is very Clear on this concept, Love everything, NO EXCEPTIONS.

As a student of a course in miracles, I get that ‘birth’ is my initial separation from God… and this plays out in any order of ways… I could end up a wealthy man or a poor man … I could be an abuser or an abuse … a liberal or a democrat … all the same really. We are all fighting against something.

Me seeking to find happiness in all the wrong directions. For God… holding my rope… bbc_5-6_4will not force me to ‘change my mind… God holds the LOVE end of the rope firm, yet giving in to my resistance always. Just a skilled hand at holding Love as the Truth above all else.
Buck uses a term with horses that applies to human being guided as well… when the horse realizes there is nothing to fear, and realizes the person on the other end of the rope just Loves them, the horse ‘hooks up’. The horse allows himself to be guided by the Loving end of the rope.

For me what is required is Trust in God, Trust in Love, Trust that the world will only reflect Love when I am being Loving. With a little willingness on my part to see everything I think as a reflection of my willingness or my ability to be love… well, hooking up with God will only be as difficult as I make it.

… will I choose to hook up to love… not the horizontal special love… God’s Love… giving up everything I hold dear and separate as a way to return to God’s Love.
images-14I create ‘my world’… foreclosures, cancer, good horses, bad horses… I create all of it. MY AWAKENING depends on me seeing that I create All of It. Trump, Hitler, Ghandi, Dalai Lama… I made them all up. Some cause resistance, others make me want to crawl into their arms and just purr… all figments of my imagination. Good and Bad… the only truth… God is holding firm on one end of my rope… I am thinking about good and bad on the other end. The goal for me, to hook up and Trust that it is all Perfect!

God just waits for me to Hook up. Allowing me to pull… but offering no resistance when I do… I pull and say… no “I want it my way’… and God just lets me take the rope and walk off… God offers me no resistance. God waits patiently.

Just as Buck would correct us in the proper ‘release of the rope… when ever the horse pulled… KNOW when to release the rope… IMMEDIATELY with the slightest resistance… for as physics has shown us time and time again… The more I resist… the more it persists… This little rope trick of Bucks is where it turns physics on its end. Don’t fight the horse… Don’t fight your life… Don’t fight Love!

I have seen every horse that I have ever held the rope to… as beautifull… Just as God Sees me…

the-riders-hands-are-not-to-control-the-horse-but-to-feel-the-horses-thoughts-2Where am I holding back, fighting or resisting. For salvation can only be found when I See that the Awakening comes from me seeing ‘my resistance’ and giving in to it. I can pull hard enough and get to greener pastures… but my goal is to just be a ‘happy learner’, and follow the rope… the Love… follow the guidance. Don’t resist anything.

Give into God. See all as Love, Hook up with God!






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