A Resurrection Mind Tickler

Here is a mind bender that will save you lifetimes!!! And it is on one of my Favorite topics, ‘Resurrection’!

Here is where all religions (at least that have some story of resurrection in them) fall by the way side! In any of these stories, if the resurrection is taught that it comes after some ‘suffering, death or crucifixion’… LIES!

Resurrection must come first, Always. For the mind resurrects and the body follows! The Awakened mind must come first. For it is then that the body and the world become meaningless. Then death and crucifixion hold no meaning to an Awakened One.

So in linear time (which also disappears once we really are able to See the error of our thinking in All ways), the story of Jesus for example, He was ‘crucified’, ‘died’ and ‘resurrected’. That is the ‘order in time’ that I learned the ‘Jesus story’.

Not So! Jesus resurrected his mind long before any of this death of form occurred. And I am no ‘bible expert’… (just need to be Clear!)… And one of the stories that I do remember is of John the Baptist, baptizing Jesus. This was the symbol in form, that Jesus had finally received and accepted the Christ that he was. He got he was the Son of God, In whom God was so Pleased. He was incapable of thinking sin was in any way possible! He Resurrected His Mind!

Now me and my story… I was born a sinner, and the powers that be, baptized me at a week or two of life. Why?… Because I was a sinner… just think about that one… and the only way to save my pitiful weak soul was to ‘baptize me’… or else I would die and go to hell. After that I Learned about the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

OMG, I am laughing out loud… I am just so happy that I turned out as ‘sane’ as I have!!!

Then after Awakening to Our Innocence and sinlessness, Jesus continued on his merry way. With his resurrected mind, performing miracles, Loving all, UNTIL, the powers that were being projected got scared! The One delusional mind we call ‘ego’ had to kill him off. Yet, he was already resurrected! At this point, body (form) held no fear!

He had accepted the atonement. He had corrected all errors in his thinking that made anything wrong or sinful. This is why we are here… the only reason we are here. To Forgive Ourselves for making anything… and I mean ‘anything’… out there as ‘wrong’. And that is the process described in A Course in Miracles!

How to ‘Resurrect My Mind’… to see all through Love Only. Totally ‘doable’…lolol… in fact, the only really worthy objective in life. FORGIVE (ourselves for seeing sin or wrongness in anything)… and what a profound journey this is!

Never in my wildest imagination… back with ‘the foreclosure’… and I had been ‘studying’ A Course in Miracles for years at that time… and yet… I only ‘studied’ a Course in Miracles. And the guidance at that time… did not occur as ‘Guidance from God’… or as many refer to as ‘Prompts from God’. I just ‘felt’ awful and angry and Knew there had to be a better way.

And all I was aware of, I was not even remotely at peace with this foreclosure. In fact, I like to say… I was playing with ‘terrorist thoughts’… I wanted to kill the ‘men in suits at the top floors of the Chase Manhattan Bank’. This was NOT PEACE FULL thinking! Lolololol

So my ‘Awakening Process’ began. How to See this all differently through the eyes of Love. And I Knew ‘intellectually’, that I projected all of it… and my lesson was to Live Peacefully.

So I took this ‘intellectual’ understanding and made it my life’s One Goal… to see this through a Peace full filter. And boy… what a frigging ride it has been.

For even after making this my life goal… I then created cancer in my ‘womb’. My ‘Home’. As a reflection of the anger I was experiencing. I was Pissed. And yet, I really got there Was Another Way. And Jesus telling me… Forgive them for they know not what they do or think. And that was for me to forgive in my thinking.

I really love those that talk about publishing the book called ‘A Course in Miracles’ as phase One of the Awakening Process… Just getting the book written was a journey, not unlike my foreclosure story. Lots of intrigue and ‘make wrong’ by many involved in getting the words on paper and eventually published.

And we are now into PHASE TWO… the living of the principles. Not studying the book… Living the Principles that it speaks to. Really becoming willing to see everything differently! Absolutely Everything, No Exceptions!!!

So Baptism in the horizontal world is a term taken very superficially. Even scholars of the Bible (and again, I am not a good person to even write about it… lololo… I really Know nothing), don’t Live the principles of the Bible.

That is what A Course in Miracles came into this world to do. Clear up so many of the ‘religious misperceptions’… lolo…. Omg… writing like this will win me no ‘friends’…lololo . A Good thing, I am not about making ‘friends’… whew… dodged that one!!! LOLOL

A Course in Miracles is addressing How to Resurrect the MIND… and this is not a metaphor or wishfull thinking. There is a way to ‘change everything we think’… and all that is necessary is a little willingness to be honest about what we really ‘think’…

ALL those thoughts that flash by in a nano second… “I hate traffic’, ‘She doesn’t love me’, ‘What did I do to deserve this’… you know… all of those thoughts.

So when Jesus finally got ‘physically’ baptized in the horizontal world, He had been through the desert… you know the 40 days and 40 nights thing! (However in my head I just hear that silly song of the 70’s. “I have been through the desert on a horse with no name”…

His Baptism, Celebrated His Mind Training as Complete. He was unwilling to see anything as ‘wrong’ … now I am not a bible scholar and yet I know it talks about the miracles he performed. This was after his ‘mind training to see all as sinless and perfect’… We can perform NO Miracles while we are making anything wrong… just impossible…

Now just a note… some pretty nice things happen in the horizontal for many… These are Not Miracles… actually, most are just ego’s manipulation techniques to keep us ‘desiring’ in the horizontal… This will never result in the Resurrection of the mind! Ever!

So I just offer this to my self… I just keep watching my thoughts, understanding at this moment, that is all I have ever needed to do. And perhaps one day I will get baptized, as I complete my ‘Resurrection of mind’. And I may slough off form… even if it looks like a crucifixtion… for once I resurrect my mind while still wearing a body… I will give no mind to it in any way.

So I Join all that are now participating in Phase Two of A Course in Miracles! I also call them my ‘Mightie Companions’… Thank You and All My Love!



2 thoughts on “A Resurrection Mind Tickler

  1. Thanks for telling it like it is, sister! “In the desert, you can remember your name.” I’m glad you turned out as sane as you did! Love you!


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