Answering my own question…

Here is a link to an extraordinary talk by David Hoffmeister on ‘Philosophy and the Matrix’…

A special note to those that will watch this that are particularly ‘good students’, perfectionists, or have been ‘studying A Course in Miracles’ for ever… Watch it at least twice. The first time… take notes… as about 15 minutes into it… your desire to write down what you are ‘hearing’ is immense. And a note to others that really are in a place of just Joy and Bliss… no need to take notes… it really will get you no where!!! (giggling out loud)

The most important peace is in the very beginning… when David asks (and he looks right in the camera when he is doing this)…” What is Your Question?”… What is Your Eternal Question… the question that trumps all other questions… and I sat with it for a realatively short time… My Question… Why did I come here… Why did I decide to get born… What the hell was I thinking… again Laughing even louder out loud!!!

So this question is what you hold as you are watching this video. Your personal question to Holy Spirit. And I did. AND the first time… I was unable to just hold the question, I had to take notes and write down philosophers names and dates and specifics of their philosophy… just me playing out some of my insanity… like that was going to help me to ‘Awaken’…lolol yes, out loud

Anyway… back to this video… There are philosophers on this video discussing the Matrix, while David guides us through the world of these various philosophies and how they all relate to ‘A Course in Miracles’… Just enough ‘intellectual’ and add ‘God’…  omg… Be Still My Heart… It is a Glory Hallajujah movie!!!

So as I watched this movie the second time, focusing on ‘My Question”… because I completely got lost in taking notes the first time… I sat with my question…

And My Question has always been…”What the f@#k was I thinking when I decided to be born on this planet?” … I always felt it has been my choice to have been born, and then I ask, This is not a particularly a nice place to ‘live’… so… what was ‘i’ thinking?…Then ACIM added the information that, ‘I Created it!’ … What the ‘f*#& was ‘i thinking’, when I signed on that dotted line…”Yes, I want to be born into a self created hell?”…lol… yes I went there and I want to Know, “Why did I come here?”… which very much is an ego idea… and therefore has an ‘ego answer’ and ‘another’. One ends in ‘death’. The ‘other’, a ‘Mystery’, so… ‘my choice’ to enter La Tabula Rasa (The Blank Slate) for a month. To ‘experience’ ‘Being Used ‘In Joy’, Completely for a month, With God. (Typing it out makes it ‘appear’ ‘easy’. lol.. I have had a sample of what ‘this version’ of ‘BRING IT ON’ allows up… and this afternoon, while gazing at the beauty full 4 leggeds hanging out literally  ‘around’ my ‘tiny house’ space right now. (vid to follow)… and now back to the ‘movie of which this ‘blog’ is written, The Matrix, Philosophers, and David Hoffmeister with a very ‘Clear’ and ‘useable’ form of A Course in Miracles.

Why did ‘i’ come?

I held this in Mind, as  I watched this movie.  These philosophers discussing the movie, ‘The Matrix’… and sharing the symbols within it’s script. David giving the ‘holographic’ way to ‘take in’ the ‘Matrix’ (With Holy Spirit).

Well about half way through the second time… A Light Came on… like a BLAZING BEACON of understanding.

Watching this movie, called, ‘my life’, and KNOWING, ‘i’ came into this world, Knowing it is a world of separation… of duality. I came in to Separate from the Truth of who I Am…. A Holy Child of God and Perfect.

Now I have ‘studyied’ , ‘A Course in Miracles’, for the last twenty years or so… and I just started to live it with an apparent ‘icky’ diagnosis, and an apparently ‘icky’ foreclosure… I mean… I was not a ‘happy camper’.

And ACIM says… we are Love and Light.  So all this ‘icky’ ‘stuff’ going on… confused me… It was a lot of ‘What the f@#k moments’…

So I sat there in this video with my question and these philosophers through out time asking all these great questions and making very good ‘points’.

Now I don’t know what your question will be or what your answer will be… all I can share is ‘my answer’ ‘I’ created an ‘identity’ as ‘being separate’. And then jumped on to the Merri-go-round called ‘birth-death’, as a game. ‘i’ signed on the ‘birth contract’ as a game. A Game called ‘life’… a world of duality… a world that will never make any sense… often ‘occurring’ as a world of visciousness… and I signed this contract with the ‘desire for taking on this game’… the desire, can I find the Truth of who I am in a world that is designed to point out errors in literally everything… yep… ok…

So watching this video… I got the BIG GAME… The Big Kahuna if you will… My LIFE GAME… Why be born… What was I thinking… the answer: to find the Joy and Love that I always have been. (I mean really… didn’t Dorothy tell me this about Home and Kansas many years ago!) Well… this wisdom appeared to ‘Land’.

To Love and be Joyous… no matter what. That’s It!

Now here is where ACIM goes into High Gear… it is the whole Cause and Effect thing… As I BE… I Create the World. The world is my projection… NO EXCEPTIONS… for example, if I want to make a politician or another ACIM teacher ‘wrong’, guess what comes back to me… a lot of ‘wrong’, like, ‘foreclosures and cancer’…lol…sh#t… it really is this easy…

Ok… I guess I need to say at this point… I did take the red pill before coming into this existence. (For staunch ‘Matrix” fans) I am Committed to Happy… no matter what I come across…

This was clear in Africa… while I projected the whole thing to see more pain on the ‘outside’ than I was feeling at the time on the ‘inside’… I projected a refugee camp…Now instead of ‘suffering’,  what I found was ‘deep’ Joy and contentment.  (Amidst the most intense chaos I have ever been around).   I had many opportunities to SEE JOY… and when it did not appear in front of me… as it often did not… it was my game to Make a person smile… Put a giggle on a child… no matter what their form might have appeared as. I GET how I have been playing the game out there… in the world.

AND as this video took me into my Question… I brought this game home. I was projecting stuff that I did not like on me. AND where was I not finding something to laugh at… because over the years, I kept wanting to ‘change out there’…

I Want to Be Happy for no apparent reason. And ACIM tells me exactly how to do this… Quite making anything WRONG… NO EXCEPTIONS! LOLOLO…. Again… please excuse me while I break for more laughter.

ACIM is very clear… I only have ONE function here as a human being… to accept the Atonement. To recognize when I am making something or someone wrong out there. And FORGIVE MYSELF for ‘these thoughts’… See where I am making ‘wrong’… where am I seeking to ‘correct out there’… so that my internal nature would be happier. Omg…

How I judge out there… I will judge in here… STOP JUDGING EVERYTHING…

hence… Happy.

In Joy this Film on Philosophy and ‘The Matrix’, with a Narration by David Hoffmeister… I Am having a good time exploring ‘My Question’, ‘what about you?’ …  Much Love!!

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