‘Time’ with Holy Spirit

“The injunction “Be of one mind” (God) is the statement for revelation-readiness. My request “Do this in remembrance of me (Jesus)” is the appeal for cooperation from miracle workers. The two statements are not in the same order of reality. Only the latter involves an awareness of time, since to remember is to recall the past in the present. Time is under my direction, but timelessness belongs to God. In time we exist for and with each other. In timelessness we coexist with God.” —ACIM (bolded words are mine, ie. calico)

This makes so much sense today. I am starting to live the One Mind. A Communion of Love. Allowing myself to Love every little thing I see, no exceptions. AND, I am so getting the distinction of God and Holy Spirit. ‘In the past’ (lol), I have used them somewhat interchangeably. And in the far past… (lololololol) I attempted to stay away from the word Holy Spirit all together…

  • The idea of Holy Spirit (as a child) confused the ‘humma humma’ out of me. Raised a Catholic with the whole, ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’ thing. I thought I understood Father … God. Son… a little confusing… were they talking about Jesus or me… and then the Holy Ghost… a Complete Mystery, the Holy Grail… and looking back on these thoughts… They were Completely Accurate!!!… AND Back then, they all occurred as ‘scarey’.
  • Holy Spirit (as an adult) spoken in the circles that I have involved my self in… was a deal breaker… Many atheist, agnostic friends/patients that really did not want to engage with my theistic ideas. So I found my self using the word ‘God’ and ‘Love’ interchangeably… Avoided ‘Holy Spirit’ all together and eventually was able to Clear much of my projected ideas (friends/patients uncomfortable around words).  After all… only mine to Clear around Holy Spirit…

So now looking at this through A Course in Miracles and getting Holy Spirit has been my Connection to God… As a ‘good Catholic’ for a short period of time, God was always some mystery that required the use of a ‘priest’ to make the ‘connection”…lol… since one of my ego traits that has been used to my advantage, ‘stubbornness’…

A note to my ‘Growth’ here… I started by ‘fearing all things mystical’ to ‘praying to Holy Spirit’ (initially mostly for stuff or outcomes), to now Seeing Holy Spirit as a ‘friendly angel’ Within.  Each morning, with a cup of coffee, I ‘commune’ with HS in those areas that I would like to see differently and asking for Guidance for the day.

God has NO TIME. Whereas, HS can sit with me as long as I need time to practice these principles. To really Be the principles of ACIM.

So then I take this information and really sink into it. Holy Spirit will just be available as long as I continue to judge in Any Way.

THEN, I look at my primary goal in this lifetime…. Healing… omg… Healing is a word that ‘demands time’… and Holy Spirit has just been sitting with me waiting for me to SEE this.

As I spew out the last sip of coffee… THERE is NO NEED FOR ANY HEALING!

fcb15f0a2724ec48c8e30e4c0efa19d3Omg… again… I am Always Healed… unless I need more time. Omg…

I just need to say this before I close… A dear Friend, Linda Leland, wrote on FB one day, “It’s All A Scam!”…. and I am so Loving her and laughing with her right now …while I make time for another cup of coffee… “Holy Spirit, Can I warm yours up?, sit with me awhile longer!”   xoxox

2 thoughts on “‘Time’ with Holy Spirit

  1. Dear Calico, I always enjoy your posts as I always seem to end up laughing out loud by the end; laughing in recognition of myself and my lessons learned which for some reason seem to be a lot like your lessons! Linda is correct; it’s all a scam!
    Much love to you-

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