Divine Providence

Life is unfolding like a lotus these days for my form.  What a Gift!

I came across this picture… it spoke volumes to me.  I am really experiencing linear time as the source of all upset!

I had the opportunity to do something I have always hated.  I had to go and file papers at a governmental office here in Mexico.  To add to my dis-like, it was an office with folks walking around with guns on their hips and stern looks on their faces. Lolol… based on my ‘past’… this is not an area of comfort for me.  “Based on my Past”!  So while sitting there with my Mighty Companion, Ana, she took my hand. We sat there for a moment Joining in the scene.  Talking about what we were seeing… and suddenly… I heard Birds Singing!

It was an office with large double doors that opened to a courtyard.  And in the courtyard, Birds were singing.

I noted this to Ana. While still Holding Hands, I listened to the Birds.  At that moment, I was so very at Peace. Holding a hand of a Loved One and Listening to the Birds Singing.  I stayed there until my name was called and we went to sit at the desk of a woman that also had a stern face and was gruffly talking to the others that had weapons on their hips.

Ana and I stayed Joined… I was vaguely aware of the questions coming at me in Spanish, Ana translated them, I answered.  My MIND was still with the Birds and holding Ana’s hand.  I stayed where I found Peace.

After leaving, Ana and I discussed this visit and shared as to the nature of unhappiness that we were seeing and apparently in the middle of.  Yet together, we stayed in our Joy and Peace.

We had to return to this office in a couple of days.  As we approached, we both prayed to have a completely different experience of our projections within the office.  I prayed that the woman that we spoke with could Feel Our Love… that she might Share Our Love.

AMAZING… when we got there… she had a Huge Smile on her face. She actually giggled.  She had the paperwork we required… and we were in and out in a heartbeat.

This is Divine Providence! It lives in the moment I decide to find the Peace in any situation.  It is not based on memory… or fear of the future looking like the past.  It is Not about ignoring what is around me… it is about honoring what I am feeling. In this case, initially, I was thrown off by ‘stern faces and weapons’.  I shared this with Ana… My Mighty Companion that could be with my ‘expressions’ and take my hand… to Join in Seeing it another way.  For me that day… it was to Hear Birds Singing in the moment.  Just one simple moment of Peace and Joy.

From this, we could together, (she as the Christ in my Moment), turn around our projection.  Then we could manifest our projections smiling and giggling… No Past… no projected future… just a moment… Birds Singing and stern faces melting into giggles.

Divine Providence is ‘this’ skill manifesting a moment of Peace.

I invite all to Join in an Online Retreat, May 3-5, 2018, Awakening From the Dream with David Hoffmeister and Living Miracles.  Click here to Join… to Join in a Future not based on a past nor projected as a future… just a moment of Divine Providence in Mind… a moment that Alters Everything…



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