A Whole New Moment

Forgiveness is Not about ‘avoiding any thing’.   And “Being With All of it in Peace” is accessed by Forgiveness. There is Nothing to resist or oppose… Just Love.  Laughing Palomino, 2010

The “opportunity” came for me to ‘drive by’… the “Laughing Palomino”… (a former ‘home’, foreclosed 20 acre mountain property). Over the years since moving, a ‘thought’ would now and again enter my mind…”how would I react to ‘Seeing’ this “Once beloved Property”.  How could ‘I Prove’ to my small mind… that I am ‘healed’… with regards to this issue.   I once viewed a David Hoffmeister video…and he was referring to “movies’…and they are ‘more or less’ the same as ‘my life’…

David said that if you want to ‘test’ how ‘Healed” You are…watch a movie that has ‘hooked’ you in the past…(upsets you)… for me… my ‘movie test’ was watching folks eat ‘icky’ things on the show “Survivor”…. My reaction….I would gag… I was BeLieving what I was looking at…Those ‘live grubs’ would just elicit an ‘automatic’ response… or ‘upset’.  Complete side note…I Now have NO Reaction to folks eating ‘icky’ things…!!! As I Clear ‘All’ my fears… stuff like this ‘just dis-appears’  lolol. So ‘my real life test’..

I drove by ‘the former house and property that was foreclosed upon’.   Over the past several years, I have ‘heard’ of ‘changes’ made by the gentle man that purchased ‘said foreclosure’.  Former ‘happy neighbors’…now… ‘not so happy’…. Not to get into the ‘foreclosed story’… a ‘clerical error’ made by an “innocent” employee at Chase Manhattan Bank, resulted in a ‘foreclosure’… At the time… I asked to ‘repurchase’ my home at the same price that it was being offered to the current ‘new’ owner.  I was declined… I moved and never went back…. All the ‘Healing’ I have done in ‘mind’…. I have never tested this by going to the property.

So… given ALL of it is a Movie… I used the “hoffmeister test’… I asked “Holy Spirit… Am I truly Healed with regards to this episode in ‘my film’. So I took a little road trip to the ‘country’… and to ‘See my former home’.

Yes… the new owner has made Many Changes. The county road entering the valley ran down one side of the 20 acre piece. So I had a Clear View of the Changes. The property I Left… had HUGE ponderosas and LOTS of oak. From the road… You could see Nothing…. So Seeing the 20 acre ‘clear cut’… did ‘surprise’ me… I could See The Entire 20 acres.

So what was there for me…. No emotion… I ‘felt sorry’, that anybody would feel the need to ‘clear cut’ anything. I Saw His Fear. He moved to ‘rural new mexico’ from a Major Urban area. He was in over his head and he did not know it. I could Feel his fear… The Need to ‘SEE ALL OF HIS’. The Need to BE SEEN. What was for me “devine isolation’… and that ‘I’ was needing to return from ‘isolation’… He moved to the ‘Laughing Palomino”, to ‘Reflect His Fear of Not being seen’…and his ‘defense against nature’ was an effect of that ‘fear’.(the ‘fear’ the ‘cause). We Share the ‘same issues’. Cannot make this ‘wrong’.

So I am left with… wow… this really works….I AM HEALED!!!!!  AND… I Pray… that all my ‘former rural neighbors’…. Find the ‘lesson in this for them selves…and make ‘Peace in the Valley’ …. It Will grow back… “Yellowstone Proved this”… Much Love to the Laughing Palomino’s “New Owner”…. Much Love to ALL!!