Zombies for Jesus

ZombieJesusYeah, I am Seeing God in zombies … lolololol… Remember, Calico Un Edited… My Nephew George (30, single, Fabulous and living in LA) is a fan of zombie stories. He has shared many titles with me… So this one was called, “Warm Bodies”…. Seriously… When I saw the title, I must say George, I cringed a little.  George is a young man with a young man’s fancies.  So “Warm Bodies”… Well, I Love George…so I watched it with God… and I was so Delightfully Surprised… I Loved this movie.   If you have those in your life that Love zombie flicks… This is the ONE!!!

Watch this one from the stand point you are Both the main character (Blonde woman) and the main Zombie. It will give you the warm fuzzies of the Principles of ACIM.  Then it is wrapped up in this interesting plot line called ‘zombie land’.  I See this film possibly hitting some cult standings like Rocky Horror Picture Show… only that movie had the unbelievable Music.   Before I digress, I just want to say on the record, to date, this is my personal favorite Zombie Flick.

If you have those in your lives that are into zombies, this is one the entire family can watch together (maybe not the wee ones)!   There is enough skin peeling, brain eating action to maintain a zombie fantasy… while giving us a positive, Heart Expanding Message of Love and We Are All One  (yes, that includes all the zombies of the world).

And a shout out to the artist (Eric Poulton) that did this zombie Jesus…Now I Know that you can find Anything on the internet!! lololol… come on I google zombie and Jesus and I get a picture… go figure, I grew up ‘reading the Encyclopedia Britanica’.

I hear the star trek theme building in my head as I get ready for the day!!! As I expand my worlds, what next…”Chainsaw Maddness XII”..!!  lololol

Much Love to My zombie loving family…. XOXOXOXOXOX